Excursions to the UAE

The Arab Emirates is a country with an amazing combination of age-old traditions and the latest achievements of culture and civilization, unique resorts with luxury hotels and skyscrapers and historical monuments and museums. Excursions in the Arab Emirates are great, and every holidaymaker here can choose their leisure and entertainment to their liking, so that a trip to the UAE was the most memorable event in life.

What excursions can you visit in the UAE?

Here are the main directions of excursion routes to the UAE:

  1. Sightseeing tours. These include trips to the capital of the Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi , to the most luxurious resort in the world - Dubai , as well as to Sharjah , Ras Al Khaimah , Fujairah and others.
  2. Boat trips - cruises, fishing , visiting bays, etc.
  3. Safari in the mountains and in the desert by jeep.
  4. Water parks and amusement parks . They are in the Emirates a huge choice, including the Dubai Aquaventure and Wild Wadi , Dreamland in Umm al-Kuwain, and others.
  5. Extreme tours - scuba diving , parachute jumping, flight on the plane, trip to the ski resort .
  6. Relax tours. In this category, you can include trips to radon sources, visits to Moroccan baths , rest at spa centers.
  7. Shopping tours - include visits to the largest and most famous shopping centers of the country, such as the Dubai Mall .
  8. Individual excursions to the UAE. Here, the flight of the imagination of tourists is limited only by finances, since the UAE has so many unique places that are not among the most visited, but undoubtedly noteworthy. These include, for example, a fountain in the desert, a supermarket of diamonds, a hotel 7 *, etc.

Top 20 Excursions in the UAE

Let's consider in detail the most interesting and popular excursions in the Arab Emirates:

  1. Abu Dhabi. A sightseeing tour to the country's capital includes a visit to magnificent parks and gardens, amazing skyscrapers, light fountains and, of course, Sheikh's Palace . During the trip, guests will be shown an artificial dam where an excellent recreation area is organized, the largest in the Middle East stadium, an oil exhibition. The tour ends with a dinner in one of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi in the cafe-fortress.
  2. Dubai. Perhaps one of the most exciting excursions in the Emirates, because Dubai is the center of world shopping, one of the best beach resorts in the world with a huge number of leisure options. On a tour of Dubai to the UAE, you will see a gold market located in the center of the city (prices are low here), textiles and oriental spices markets, the largest shopping center Dubai Mall, you will see camel races , a historical museum, the largest city mosque , the singing fountain , the Dubai flower park Miracle Garden and many others. other
  3. Sharjah. The city especially attracts tourists with its unusually beautiful eastern architecture. During the tour of Sharjah to the UAE you will see the Square of Culture, Sheikh's palaces, Pearl Monument, mosque, markets, bazaars, etc., ride an Arab boat along the bay and look at the city from the side.
  4. Fujairah. This emirate also deserves attention, as it is interesting with the presence of small cozy cities, an ethnographic village, water parks, shopping centers and other kinds of entertainment. There are many excursions from Fujairah to the UAE, including safaris, sea walks, bullfights, hot air ballooning, visiting ancient Portuguese forts, and a trip to entertainment centers.
  5. Ras Al Khaimah. The city is very picturesque, in its old part there is an interesting National Museum, and in 20 minutes are the hot springs of Katta. Excursions from Ras Al Khaimah to the UAE include trips to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, on the Indian Ocean coast, to the Ferrari World amusement park .
  6. A trip to El Ain . This is an excursion to the Arabian oasis in the UAE, surrounded by sand dunes, located on the border with Oman. El Ain is a city of flowers. There is a wonderful botanical garden, the famous zoo (on its territory you will be transported by a locomotive) and a large viewing platform, to which the serpentine leads.
  7. Boat trip on the ship. An excellent choice for lovers of romance and the opportunity to see the extraordinarily beautiful in the evening lights of Dubai. The tour takes place along the Creek Bay. The choice of the vessel is yours - it can be a small wooden boat, or a modern yacht. A great addition is pleasant music, colorful lights and a buffet with snacks and treats.
  8. Deep sea fishing. The excursion involves going to the open sea on a comfortable yacht and deep-sea hunting for sharks. On board, guests can enjoy drinks and snacks, order a lunch on the yacht or dine after the excursion at the club's restaurant.
  9. Night hunting for crabs. A fascinating trip by boat to the islands near Umm al-Kuwain. You will learn the ancient way of hunting for crabs with the help of a spear and powerful lanterns. After the termination of a trip of the caught crabs the chief-cook will prepare, and all tourists will invite on a barbecue.
  10. Jeep safari . Unforgettable trip on camels, dinner in Arab traditions with fascinating dances, familiarity with traditions and customs of Bedouins, skiing, motorcycles and jeeps on sand dunes.
  11. Mountain safari. It should be noted that a safari in the UAE is always a very exciting excursion, which includes a trip to the mountains along serpentines, swimming in the waters of the fresh lake, visiting Oman and jumping from the rock to the canyon from a height of up to 8 m. The price includes dinner.
  12. Aquapark Aquaventure. This is the largest water park in Dubai. It covers an area of ​​17 hectares of land and invites guests to ride on a variety of hills, water attractions and other unusual entertainment.
  13. Camel Race. They are attended by camels of special breeds, and riders are children aged 6 to 9 years. The winner is awarded a particularly valuable prize (for example, an apartment, car or plane), and each participant receives a gift from the emir.
  14. Drive to Hatta fort . You will visit the small ancient village of Hatta, where you can learn a little about the history of these places, appreciate the color and charm of the mountain peaks.
  15. Flight on an airplane or parachute jumping (conducted only with an instructor). This is one of the most interesting individual excursions to the UAE in 2017. In the first case, from a bird's-eye view you will see the unique lagoons and sand dunes of Umm al-Kuwain and experience yourself as a pilot, and in the second you will get an unforgettable experience of flying in a free fall from a height of 4 thousand meters in a special parachute in tandem with an experienced instructor.
  16. Excursion to Burj Al Arab . The tower is the highest and most luxurious hotel in the world, whose rating is 7 *. Unique design, exclusive design of interiors, aquariums, fountains, bars under the water and in the sky - that's what you can see during the trip.
  17. A trip to the shooting club (shooting club). In the elite club of the sheikh you will be offered to choose your own weapon, will be instructed and will give you the opportunity to test your forces in the shooting shooting. All guests - refreshments, small gifts and photos for memory. For an additional fee, you can also play paintball here.
  18. Ski Resort Ski Dubai. This is the only indoor ski resort in the Middle East, bringing a fan of extreme winter to a hot Arab country.
  19. Moroccan baths. The excursion is exclusively for women and includes visiting steam baths, applying natural gels to the body, professional massage and a refreshing mask. All the activities together will help improve mood, get rid of toxins and toxins, make your body slim and fit, emphasize beauty.
  20. Drive to the Dubai Mall. This is the largest and most luxurious shopping center in the Middle East, where just a few eyes, from the variety of shops, boutiques and other entertainments. In addition to shopping, in the Dubai Mall you can visit the huge aquarium and underwater zoo with 33 thousand inhabitants, entered in the Guinness Book of Records.