Holidays in the UAE

Going to spend your holidays in the United Arab Emirates , every tourist is interested in the peculiarities and traditions of this unique country. Be prepared for unforgettable sensations and constant surprise, because, as they say: "The East is a delicate matter."

What do tourists need to know about the rest in the UAE?

Travel on this country can be described as a real paradise for shopaholics and gourmets, divers and extreme lovers. There are high-class shops, white beaches, the best hotels in the world , many museums, parks , etc.

Your holiday in the UAE will be full of various excursions and a rich nightlife. Tourists are always welcome here, so you are guaranteed a friendly and friendly atmosphere, as well as complete security , unless you violate the laws of this Muslim country.

For tourists planning to holiday in the UAE, there are the following recommendations:

  1. It's illegal to litter here. Even if you do not "hit" a piece of paper in an urn, you can be fined $ 130.
  2. Local police can check documents from tourists at any time, so wear them always with you.
  3. Is on the go in the UAE is not accepted, and food should only be taken with the right hand.
  4. Tourists need to be careful with the camera. Here you can not take pictures of military facilities, palaces of sheikhs , flags, local women and municipal premises.

Features of holidays in the UAE for women

When choosing outfits for traveling through the streets of the country, it should be remembered that too frank and provocative clothes can be considered an insult. A woman should avoid miniskirts, gleaming dresses and deep decollete. On beaches it is necessary to wear modest bathing suits or shorts.

A girl is better not to start romances with local guys, and even more so they can not live with them before marriage. For this you can be fined, imprisoned or deported. Manifestation of more than friendly feelings in public places in the country is also prohibited.

The best time to relax in the UAE

The state is dominated by a dry subtropical climate. Sand storms often occur here. Rest in the UAE in winter is characterized by warm and sunny weather. The air temperature varies from + 20 ° C to + 30 ° C and depends on the terrain. Frozen almost does not happen, but at night in the desert the mercury column can reach 0 ° C.

Rest in the UAE in the summer is accompanied by air temperature from + 40 ° С to + 50 ° С. From the desert, hot winds can blow, and the humidity of the air is about 85%. Water in August can be warmed up to + 35 ° С.

In order to answer the question of when the season begins in the UAE for beach holidays and which month is best for visiting, one should take into account their personal preferences. In winter, the water temperature in the sea can drop to + 17 ° C, and in the basin - to + 26 ° C. At this time you will be able to travel all over the country. In spring and autumn, tourists are already quietly swimming in the waters of the Persian and Omani Gulfs.

The most comfortable time for rest in the United Arab Emirates is the period from the beginning of October to the end of April. Do not forget to bring hats and sunscreen, and remember that you can sunbathe on the beach before 11:00 and after 16:00.

Which emirate to choose for a holiday in the UAE?

To understand where it is better to go for a holiday in the UAE, consider the characteristics of each emirate. Each of them has its own attractions in the form of beaches, museums and historical monuments. Regions differ from each other in location and conservatism.

If you can not decide which region to choose, then know that for a comfortable holiday in the UAE will suit all 7 emirates:

These are tourist resorts with original architecture and unique entertainment centers , fashionable hotels and luxury restaurants. Most of the landmark country is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the only one of its kind on the planet.

The most famous and expensive area for recreation in the UAE is Jumeirah . Here come the oligarchs and millionaires, so even the stations in the metro here are distinguished by their design interiors and represent works of art.

If you decide to choose for a holiday in the United Arab Emirates Dubai, then your photos will capture such sights :

If you want to spend a relaxing holiday in the UAE, then go to Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. Here, tourists can enjoy a unique combination of majestic skyscrapers with evergreen parks, admire historical monuments or archaeological excavations, as well as visit the island-reserve Sir-Bani-Yas .

The best places to relax in the UAE

Most travelers come to the country to bask in the sun and buy in the sea, so the question arises about where is the best beach holiday in the UAE with and without children. The coast of the state is washed by two bays. Each of them has its own characteristics and character.

Tourists should take into account the coastal season and season. For example, the Gulf of Oman is, in fact, the Indian Ocean, which is suitable for outdoor activities in the UAE. There are often high waves here, so athletes can surf , wind or kitesurf. In many localities, equipment rental is provided, as well as training instructors.

If you prefer a family vacation with children, then choose cities in the Arab Emirates, which are washed by the Persian Gulf. The coastline is represented by a plume, so the sea here is calm and quiet. Travelers on the beaches are offered to do snorkeling or dive with scuba divers to the slopes and sharks.

Independent rest in the UAE

To get to the state and get a visa is most convenient through a travel agency, but you can travel around the country yourself. To do this, you need to rent a car or buy tickets for a bus. In order for a vacation in the UAE to turn out to be budgetary, you should follow the following rules:

Rest in the UAE

Travelers from the CIS, accustomed to spend their holidays with alcoholic beverages, will be unpleasantly surprised by the law on the prohibition of alcohol . You can buy it only in special places and at very high prices. There is strict sharia in the country, for example, for gambling you can be fined several hundred dollars.

Holidays in the UAE

All activities in the country are divided into religious and secular. Local people celebrate holidays cheerfully and with a big time. They arrange parties, parades and balls, fireworks, lanterns and balloons. Rest in the UAE for the New 2017 and 2018 will please tourists with a large-scale celebration, warm sun and gentle sea. You can take part in various shows, lotteries, competitions and even see camel racing.