Anthony Hopkins described how he works in the series "World of the Wild West"

The famous actor Anthony Hopkins, whom many know from the innumerable roles of treacherous villains and scoundrels, is now being removed from the series "World of the Wild West". To call this role a common name would not be correct, but contradictory - it is possible. About how the 78-year-old Hopkins decided on such a difficult job, he told in his recent interview with HELLO !.

Sir Anthony told about his new character

The series "World of the Wild West" began to appear on the AMEDIA Premium channel quite recently, but already had time to interest many. Hopkins plays Ford, a brilliant professor, a scientist who could create a world of robots. In addition, his character is inclined to philosophical reflections, which makes him an incredibly interesting person. So Sir Anthony characterizes Dr. Ford:

"My character is an incredibly powerful person. By the way, it's on these me in life and luck. He loves to control everything and to subordinate everything to unwritten rules, which he himself came up with. It's absolutely not difficult for me to play, although all these qualities are not characteristic of me. In my life I go with the flow, not particularly resisting. I can not take everything seriously, but Ford is always very serious. He is a perfectionist, and if between us, he is insane. Despite the fact that there is a big difference between us in the characters, this doctor gave me an easy one. All I have to do in front of the camera is to say all sorts of nonsense about the duality of the human mind. "

In the film, Anthony says a lot, this is how the actor commented on this feature of his role:

"My doctor is talking a lot. Before the shooting, I have to learn a huge amount of text, but I like it. I like to train my memory. At my age it's very useful. "

Hopkins agreed to play Ford, because they offered

In addition to the interesting character of Ford, the interviewer was interested in the question of what attracted the actor in the "World of the Wild West". Sir Anthony gave a fairly straightforward answer:

"You know, I was always irritated by the questions: why did you agree to play in the film or what interested you in the film? They're just stupid. Perhaps I will disappoint you now, but I agreed to play Ford, because I was offered this role. I got a call from my agent and asked if I wanted to do a doctorate in the TV series "World of the Wild West". Then I thought that for many years I had not appeared on television, and besides, it's a very good salary. I agreed. More for my decision is worth nothing. I will not lie, that I play the doctor, because it's a complicated character or I always wanted to play it. Because it's not true. Ford is really an interesting person, but I'm not playing it for him. "
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What ends the "World of the Wild West" Hopkins does not know

Many fans of a fantastic tape about robots are now interested in the question of what will end the "World of the Wild West", but Sir Anthony could not answer it. He commented on this situation:

"The series is not a movie, when you read the entire script and you know what the film ends with. Here is a completely different work. I, like the rest of the actors, were given the script of the next series before the shooting. Sometimes I asked the director: "What's the matter? Why is this happening? And what's next? ", But then this is the series, that they do not give me an answer to my questions. And you know, I even like this mystery. Work in the "World of the Wild West" is full of surprises, and surprises are always great. "