James Franco appeared on the cover of the magazine for sexual minorities Out

Soon the television series "Dvaika" will appear on the screens, in which the American actor James Franco will act as director. In addition, in the film he will play several roles at once, which causes an unprecedented interest among his fans for this tape. That's why James can now be seen on the pages of various magazines and the Out publication, which publishes various articles for members of sexual minorities, was not on the sidelines.

James Franco

A few words about my personal life

In his interview for Out, James touched not only the professional sphere, but also his personal life. That's what the actor said:

"For the first time I got on a movie screen in 17 years. I was so captured by the profession of an actor that I do not know what this hobby can be compared with. Pretty soon I got fame, money, fans ... As, probably, many understand, except for them I had some very good addictions. I began to abuse alcohol and light drugs. This went on for a long time, until I began to feel very unhappy and lonely. At the age of 27, I realized that without the help of a psychotherapist I can not do. Since then, I am a regular client of this doctor. "
James Franco on the Out pages

After that, Franco said a few words about how the treatment goes:

"Those who used to be at the therapist's reception probably know that the treatment is not only about taking medications, but also in various therapies. During the sessions we found out that I really like surfing and dancing. And for many years now I've been surfing and taking dance lessons. It helps a lot to get distracted from loneliness and your work. After this therapy began to work, I realized that in my life a new chapter begins. It is very important for me to understand that in addition to acting and directing there are many interesting and amazing things. "
Free on the cover Out

James talked a little about his work

Then the American actor decided to tell a little about what he still likes most to do in the professional sphere:

"Despite the fact that I'm just crazy about acting, most directing brings me the direction. During my life I shot a lot of films, someone criticized them, someone admired them, but I will still shoot. For me, this is a tremendous pleasure. And this is despite the fact that I'm not going to throw the profession of an actor. In addition, I really love to draw and write. Probably, many know that I have sat down to write memoirs. They will talk about my sex life and those moments about which it is very difficult for me to talk. "
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Franco told about the series "Two"

In conclusion of his interview, James said a few words about the movie "Two", which will be released on September 10. Here is how Franco described this project:

"Two" will dive the viewer into the world of the 70s-80s of the last century. The plot of the series will be built around the porn industry, thriving in Manhattan. I will play twin brothers who earn big money on adult films. In addition to me in the tape will be the legendary actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, who played a successful entrepreneur in this area. We share many scenes with her and I really enjoyed working with Maggie. She is a truly brave and very talented actress. I'm glad that she joined the team "Twos".
A shot from the series "Two"