Stars without cosmetics

No girl can imagine her life without make-up, thanks to which it is possible to disguise flaws and emphasize her femininity and beauty. And if we are talking about celebrities, then they should always be on top, because a person is their business card. For ordinary people, celebrities are something that is unattainable. Idols always want to admire and imitate, so in order not to lose their popularity they have to sacrifice many for the sake of beauty and for much to go for her. However, in life they are the same as all, and some stars without makeup and photoshop look not as attractive as we used to see them. So, we suggest looking at your pets on the other side, where they look simple and natural.

How Stars Look without Cosmetics

Fashion in the photo in the style natyurel swiftly spread all over the world. Stars one after another began to exhibit their selfies in social networks, where they share with their fans the most intimate, their natural beauty. It is worth noting that some celebrities without cosmetics look much prettier and younger. Take, for example, Ani Lorak , which even the paparazzi for a long time could not shoot without makeup. But having exposed her photos, she thereby placed her admirers even more and gained incredible popularity for beauty, youth and sexuality. The star without cosmetics looks very nice, and despite the fact that she is 35 years old, in the picture she looks like an eighteen-year-old girl.

Jessica Alba is also natural. Her charming smile, smooth, swarthy skin tone and searing brown eyes give her charm and charm.

But there are some who still need to adjust their face with cosmetic means. For example, actress Pamela Anderson without cosmetics looks old. In addition, the lack of makeup accentuates attention to wrinkles and unnatural facial expressions, which indicates that she used the services of plastic surgeons.

As for the models, many believe that in this profession there is a strict selection, and ugly there is no place. And even more so these girls can not become popular. However, if you look at such models as Ginta Lapina, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Alessandra Ambrosio without make-up, this myth of unspeakable beauty immediately disappears. These girls have become not just famous top models, but also won worldwide fame and millions of fans.

As you can see, any girl, even one that does not have an ideal appearance, can achieve becoming famous and popular.