The style of Monica Bellucci

Probably, many people will agree that Monica Bellucci, despite her age, looks magical! And this magic and femininity are manifested not only in its unusually positive energy, but also in an inimitable style of clothes and skilful make-up. Although it sometimes seems that even on an uninhabited island, being in rags, it would still be always the most desired and sexy. So why is the image of Monica Bellucci considered a modern standard of beauty?

Monica Bellucci outfits

Monica Bellucci's style has rightfully earned universal acclaim and admiration - women are envied and imitated by her, thousands of men dream about her. The image of Monica began to be created by her mother. Since childhood, she tirelessly repeated to her daughter that the classic style of clothes especially emphasizes the natural beauty and grace of every woman.

Today, with confidence, we can say that Monica Bellucci has even two styles of clothing: casual and solemn. In everyday life, the actress dresses rather reserved and modestly - in full accordance with the insistence of her mother. As a rule, she prefers to appear in public in jeans or pants, as well as wear sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats.

Monica's wardrobe for ceremonial events includes luxurious outfits that, regardless of brand and style, always sit on Monica flawlessly. In clothes for the high life, she prefers only the classic style. Although not afraid of the Italian kinodiva and sometimes experiment with shades that perfectly emphasize her appearance. Therefore, in her images, you can often see bright flashes of fiery red, burgundy or, on the contrary, a more romantic and calm gently violet color.

Dresses of Monica Bellucci

Choosing dresses, special attention Monica always tries to emphasize her perfect line of the chest. In this it helps the model with deep cutouts in the d├ęcolletage. Dresses in length on the floor visually lengthen her silhouette and make her forms a true example of elegance and harmony. It is these - long, flowing - Monica Bellucci outfits with a deep neckline and became the main component of the refined style of the Italian film actress.

For many years Monika Bellucci continues to be a bright and brilliant figure both in the modeling business and in the film world, because Monica's image is her natural virtues and unsurpassed sense of style, with which she knows the real price.