Style Blake Lively - she has a lot to learn!

The star of the teenage drama "Gossip Girl" is known for the price of words, but without them Blake Lively is doing well. In many ways, the American actress is helped by her stylish bows, which are characterized by invariable eloquence. Conformity to the trends, relevance, exquisite restraint, harmony - the images of the famous blonde deserve attention.

Style of clothes Blake Lively

The actress does not hide that she closely follows the novelties of the world fashion. Her mother Elaine tried to build a modeling career in her youth and was fond of sewing clothes, and Ernie's father served in the theater, so from an early age the girl was interested in both fashion and acting. It's hard to argue with the fact that the images of Blake Lively, with which the girl pleases the fans both on the red carpet and on the streets of Bedford, look exquisite. The actress herself notes that she dresses exclusively for herself, without thinking about the reaction of others and the ubiquitous paparazzi. Does he dislike, or has an innate sense of style ?

Blake Lively Dresses

According to the charming blonde, she looks the way she feels. Blake Lively's clothes are chosen according to the mood. Looking at her luxurious dresses, emphasizing the attractiveness of the figure, suggests the conclusion that the actress's good mood prevails. Blake prefers seductive models of medium length with an accentuated high waist, gliding over her forms. The girl is so confident in her own taste that she does not resort to the services of stylists. If she doubts the choice of shoes to dress, then without hesitation consults Christian Labuten.

Casual style Blake Lively

Happen in the life of the actress and the days when looking for in a huge wardrobe suitable outfits to her is just laziness. Casual clothes Blake Lively - tight trousers, voluminous knitted sweater , and necessarily - shoes with high thin heels. Occasionally, she can afford comfortable soft moccasins, but this is rather an exception. Elegant dresses from a suit fabric, skirts of classical cut in a combination to the fitted jacket, straight trousers with the overestimated waist - this clothes Blake gives preference as the everyday.

Street Style Blake Lively

In his youth, the style of Blake Lively was limited to jeans and ordinary tops. To date, she prefers to appear on the streets in intricate ensembles with original details. Unique her images make unusual accessories, in which the actress knows a lot. Indian scarves, wide-brimmed hats, massive rings, capacious bags and handbags in a Bocho-style Blake acquires at a fair held at the Rose Bowl stadium, or at flea markets. Combining knitwear, leather and silk in ensembles, combining light shades with dark colors, she achieves stunning results!

Makeup Blake Lively

Thanks to the beautiful features of nature and expressive eyes, Blake Lively without makeup looks no worse than with a professional makeup. She can afford to go out without makeup, without hiding behind sunglasses. Elegant low-key nude with beige and golden shades, gentle pink blush and berry lip gloss - the usual everyday make-up of Blake. To create evening images, the actress turns to the make-up artist Elaine Offers, who emphasizes the depth of view of the coal-coded liner, and applies a classic red lipstick on her lips.

Blake Lively's Hairstyles

Thick hair of a warm wheaten shade, as a rule, she puts in a pony tail or a careless bunch. Simple but effective haircut Blake Lively, allowing you to create Hollywood locks, remains unchanged for ten years! The girl several times, without changing the length, experimented with the color of her hair, turning into a brunette and a redhead, but again returned to the usual blonde. Evening laying her doing Ron O'Connor. Blake is equally good and with curls separated by a parting, and with perfectly straightened hair, with intricate braids, and with tricky beams.

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The best images of Blake Lively

Exits blonde in the light produce a furor! In the history of fashion, the style icon of Blake Lively came in thanks to a white dress from Chanel Haute Couture, a laconic gray along with slender silk skirt from Lanvin flowing over her slender legs, a simple blue dress-case from Michael Kors. Critics positively appreciated the image of Blake Lively in the red dress created for actress Donatella Versace and her team. A stunning neckline and a breathtaking cut from the hip won the audience. Lively evening bows can be enjoyed indefinitely!