Blake Lively had a furor in her way on the carpet track Met Gala-2018

The fact that the 30-year-old Hollywood star Blake Lively, who became famous for her roles in the tapes "Otmel" and "Gossip Girl", loves luxurious clothes - known for a long time. On their pages in social networks, the actress often publishes her pictures in various images, providing them with various kinds of comments. However, the appearance of Blake on the red carpet of the Ball Institute costume this year caused a real sensation, because the image was stunning.

Blake Lively

Lively's dress was created in 600 hours

Before the journalists on the red carpet, the 30-year-old movie star appeared in a chic outfit, authored by Donatella Versace. The dress consisted of a fitted bodice with a deep neckline and a half-naked back, to which were sewn 2 skirts: a long tight and fluffy, open in front, resembling a huge train. I'd like to say a few words about who was dressing Lively's dress. On the product you could see a huge number of diamonds and emeralds, which skillfully combined in ornate embroideries throughout the room. Help Donatella with the decor of this elegant dress took the famous jeweler Lorraine Schwartz and it turned out very well. In addition to the product itself on Blake, you could see other creations of Schwartz. On the red carpet, the actress posed in his hair ornament, which resembled a bezel with beautiful pointed spikes and diamonds, elongated earrings made of gold and emeralds, and massive bracelets.

Hair decoration from Lorraine Schwartz

After Lively introduced this posh product, he decided to comment on Versace, saying the following words about the dress:

"When I found out that I had a chance to create an outfit for Lively, I immediately introduced her in a regal image. I believe that it was necessary to create a dress that would emphasize its natural beauty. Together with Lorraine, we developed a sketch and immediately realized that only one cloth we can not do. We decided in the dress to insert a large number of precious stones that would allow Blake to shine. I think that we did it, because many were from the image of Lively in delight. In conclusion, I want to say a few words about how long we worked on this dress. I admit, honestly, all embroidery is a painstaking manual work. As a result, the dress took about 600 hours. Even for me, as a seasoned designer, it's very much. "
Dress Lively - the work of Versace and Schwartz

I could not help commenting on Lively myself, saying about the creation of the Versace brand:

"I have not had such a beautiful dress yet. Delight from the fact that I can demonstrate it can not be described in words. This is a masterpiece that you want to watch for hours. I am grateful to Donatella and Lorraine for having created such a miracle for me. "
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Fans are delighted with Lively Dress

After the 30-year-old actress demonstrated a masterpiece from Donatella Versace, the network had a huge number of positive reviews of the following plan: "I always liked how Donatella works, but this her creation surpassed all expectations. She is an expert in her work. A very beautiful dress and Blake could present him in the best possible form. "" It is impossible to imagine a more exquisite outfit. Donatella and Lorraine did a great job. They created a truly royal image, "Lively on the red carpet looks like a queen. Very nice outfit and she really is. I always liked how Versace works, but this image surpassed all expectations, "etc.