Fashion is cyclical, and all that is fashionable now, was invented many years ago. This applies to the lower skirt. If earlier to show this detail of the wardrobe was considered shameful, now the lower skirt under the dress is specially worn so that everyone sees it. But about everything in order.

The history of the thing is a fluffy lower skirt

Initially, the pancake is considered a kind of underwear and worn exclusively under clothing. In the 18th century, the lower skirts were given special significance, since they were identified with eroticism and coquetry.

At different times it was fashionable to wear from one to several podsubnikov, and each of the skirts had its name. From the number of lower skirts depended the volume of the outfit and the splendor of the dress, so sometimes the ladies had to wear up to five skirts. Later skirts began to be combined, and sometimes completely replaced by their frame structure called "crinoline". At the time of his wearing, the lower long skirt was made of silk and decorated with lace, as it could be seen when the crinoline rose.

Modern bottom skirts

Today, the views on skirts have completely changed and can only be found in evening dresses and in some collections of famous designers. At the moment, we can distinguish the following types of podsubnikov:

  1. Lower skirt of tulle . Has an average degree of rigidity and adds volume along with it. The lower skirt of the net is used for wedding and evening dresses, as well as for ball dresses. Very popular these podsyubniki were in the 60 years when the ladies loved to wear lush dresses just below the knee with an accent on the waist.
  2. A single-layered lower skirt. Most often it is made of chiffon, silk or lace. Today, very fashionable dresses from under which peeps a few centimeters of the povyubnik. This gives both seductiveness and femininity. Marc Jacobs , Louis Vuitton, Marni, Etro showed their ideas on the theme of dresses with a lower skirt.
  3. The skirt is like underwear. Today a skirt of silk or satin is worn under dresses and skirts for greater comfort when worn. They not only give softness and coolness, but also do not allow to be electrified alongside and stick to the feet.