How to like men - psychology

It often happens that worthy women, beautifully dressed and well-groomed, sit in a cafe on the sidelines and only dream of getting to know a man, and unremarkable gray mice are surrounded by a crowd of admirers. From what it depends and how to please men from the point of view of psychology - in this article.

How to start liking men?

  1. Appearance. . It is worth saying two words about the appearance: a woman should look well-groomed and neat. Let it not be a super-expensive coat, but the appearance should have to communicate , and vulgarity is completely excluded.
  2. Sincerity and suppleness . As is known, men by nature are leaders, conquerors and hunters, which means that one must behave appropriately - to appear weak, defenseless and fragile. Men are attracted to women "mangy", with a languid look from under the eyelashes, soft gestures, a quiet voice, and most importantly - a pleasant smile. That which wants to please men, it is worth rehearse it in front of the mirror. Having established eye contact, it is important to establish and contact sincere, and this is impossible without a genuine interest in the man, to what he says.
  3. Unselfishness. Indifference, jealousy and arrogance repel the representatives of the stronger sex, but the warmth in the eyes and the desire to listen always in price. In no case can not be given to understand what such attention is not selfish. How much a man would not have money, he should be sure that he likes the woman by himself, and not as an attachment to them.
  4. Respect . Strong and self-sufficient women are attracted to women, self-confident, who do not hang around their necks and do not consider everyone on the counter as a chance to marry . Respecting yourself will respect and those who are around, and this is another reason to be next to such a partner.

Those who are interested in how to find out whether a woman likes a man is worth watching how he looks at her, treats her, behaves. He cares for the person he is interested in, says compliments and tries to be useful.