Neimar and his beloved Bruno Marchesini "set fire to" the set

Less than a month remains until the World Cup, but sports are not just for males! Handsome players waiting for the numerous fans who are hungry for hot and piquant news.

The player of the Brazilian national football team and one of the highest paid athletes of the world, Neimar agreed to participate in a very hot photoset of underwear advertising. The offer coincided with the celebration of All Valentine's Day! Do you think this is a typo? No, no mistake, the holiday is celebrated in hot Brazil on June 12.

Cautiously, very hot!

Taking advantage of the increased attention to the personalities of the athletes and their full inclusion in the world of model and film business, the C & A clothing brand decided to congratulate their fans on an unusual holiday and invited Neimar. The photographer of the new advertising set decided to add piquancy and fire, so together with the football starred his beloved Bruno Markesini, model and actress. The footage turned out to be hot, in fact, like the couple itself!

Neimar and his beloved Bruno Marchesini

Neimar and Bruna Marchesini

Wedding is soon?

The couple began to meet in 2012, but a successful career and increased attention from fans and fans, brought Neimar and Bruno Markesini to the break in two years. In 2016, the young people were reunited and announced an engagement. When will the wedding be? Brazilian tabloid journalists Folha de Pernambuco argue that the ceremony will take place this summer on the island of Fernando de Noronha.

Couple planning a wedding this summer

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