Beaches of Israel

Israel was simply created for a beach holiday, because its territory has arranged around its four seas. The western part of the country is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the southern coast is bordered by the coast of the Red Sea, in the eastern part is the famous Dead Sea . A little in the north-eastern side there are places for rest on the coast of the Sea of ​​Galilee .

The best beaches in Israel

In Israel, there are about 140 beaches, most of them are on the Mediterranean coast, and the least number of beaches is located on the shore of the Red Sea. Among the best beaches in Israel you can list the following:

  1. The most favorite place among the local population and tourists is the town of Ein Bokek , which is located on the coast of the Dead Sea. Here one of the best beaches of Israel is located, which is complemented by comfortable hotels, as well as medical institutions. Tourists from all over the world travel to the Dead Sea to be healed by its unique salts.
  2. Many popular beaches of Israel are located on the Mediterranean coast in the very capital of Israel - the beaches of Tel Aviv . They are created in an artificial manner, near to them hotel buildings have settled down. Beaches are strewn with white fine sand, where they constantly monitor the cleanliness of the beach.
  3. In the southern suburban part of the capital of Israel, Bat Yam beach is located. It is located in a natural closed lagoon, which allows it to be protected from high waves. The beach of Bat Yam is also strewn with white sand, and along the coast there is a motorway, which makes it accessible to tourists.
  4. In Israel there is a large city called Netanya , which surpasses even Tel Aviv by the influx of tourists. It is a resort center, which is located along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the northern part of the capital of Israel. Here there is the central beach of Sironit , which is equipped not only for beach rest, but also created for other entertainments. The best time for a beach holiday in this part of the country is a warm period - from early summer to early autumn.
  5. Although the Red Sea coastline is small in Israel for only 14 km, there is a popular place here - the beach of Eilat . Here you can comfortably enjoy a beach holiday all year round. The beach is clean and well-maintained, after all, hotels are keeping an eye on the well-being of their territory. In addition, the beach is famous for a variety of corals and exotic fish that live in these parts.
  6. For tourists who prefer wild rest, there are places in Israel where there is not a huge concentration of hotels and other institutions. One of the nudist beach options in Israel is the Palmachim beach . It is located to the south of Tel Aviv, it is relatively quiet and not so crowded. This is one of the pristine shores of the Mediterranean Sea, on which sand dunes rise and one can get acquainted with the local natural environment.
  7. Also on other beaches of the Mediterranean Sea there are areas for nudists. Thanks to environmentalists in Israel, such wild places are preserved. In the Dead Sea , wild beaches are also preserved: the beach of Neve Midbar , the beach of Kalia , the beach of Siesta , the beach of Ein Gedi . However, active beach rest is beginning to develop in these areas, but here secluded places are still preserved. A favorite place for nudists is the Eilat bay, where they arrange tent cities, closer to the border with Jordan or Egypt.

Beaches of Israel in the Mediterranean Sea

The western border of the country is located on the long coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, the extent of which is almost 196 km. In the country there is no such thing as private beaches, so many tourists have a question: what beaches are in Israel? There are public and paid beaches, and income from attendance goes to the treasury to ennoble the coast.

The resort areas where the beaches are located are Tel Aviv , Akko , Netanya , Haifa , Ashdod , Herzliya and Ashkelon :

  1. Beaches of Tel Aviv are never empty, because they are located next to a huge metropolis. Local people are used to spend most of their time here, doing beach rest or doing pedestrian and bike trips.
  2. The beaches of Akko are located in an ancient settlement, where the beach is strewn not only with golden sand, but also with solid large pebbles. Here there are two beaches that are popular, this beach is Tmarin and Argaman . The beach Tmarin belongs to a hotel that is close to each other, and is equipped with sun loungers. Argaman is a paid beach for tourists, has open showers and a rental of marine equipment.
  3. Netanya beaches are surrounded by green areas of the city, but the beaches are quite clean. It is a little quieter than on the beaches of the Israeli capital, but there is all the necessary equipment for a beach holiday. Since the city of Netanya is located on a cliff, you will have to go down the stairs.
  4. The beaches of Haifa are located in the urban area of ​​Bat-Galim. Beach Hot a-Shaket created for religious tourists, here by the rules of Judaism have the right to swim all together: men and women. The second beach of Bat-Galim is a public area, there is a calm sea, because there are breakwaters built. A great place to relax with children.
  5. One of the most beautiful beaches in Israel is Bar Kochba , which is located in the resort area of ​​Ashkelon. To get to the shore, you need to go down the decorative steps from the flowering bushes. Sand coves are surrounded by breakwaters that save from large waves. Sea currents are constantly presented with pieces of ancient history, because before that there was a Canaan fortress. You can find an ancient coin or piece of a historical object.

Beaches of the Dead Sea in Israel

On the shoreline of the Dead Sea is best to rest in the southern area, where the famous resort of Ein Bokek is located . After all, here are the most developed beaches, and in other places - steep slopes or stony beaches. The largest public beach is located near the hotel Daniel Hotel Dead Sea, the entrance to it is free. All the beaches in the resort of Ein Bokek are equipped with changing rooms and showers. Also here there are zones - solariums, where you can retire and sunbathe "topless".

On the northern shore of the Dead Sea, Kalia beach is located. It is well equipped, there are toilets, shower cabins, locker rooms and shops. There is the famous mud of the Dead Sea. Also in the northern part is the beach of Bianchini , not too equipped for beach holidays, there are canopies and a beach shower. One of the most popular beaches of the Dead Sea is the beach of Neve Midbar , there is a swimming pool and on the beach there is mud of the Dead Sea. The entrance to this beach is paid, although young people prefer this sea shore.

Beaches of Israel on the Red Sea

The Red Sea is famous for its resort and beaches in Eilat . In the city, the beach season lasts all year round, the beaches are located on a 14-kilometer coastline. Most tourists are located in the northern part closer to the Jordan border, where the beach is strewn with fine sand. It is here that the most suitable place for swimming, since there are no corals on the bottom. The beach is equipped with umbrellas, sun beds, showers and even life towers. There are also places for food and water activities.

The most popular beach among local residents is Mifrat Hashamesh . This beach is almost not landscaped, there are separate entrances for men and women. Beach Dolphinarium in the resort of Eilat has a sandy beach and is equipped with umbrellas. Its main feature is that you can watch peacocks and swimming dolphins. Many hotels in this part of the country have exits to the sea and settle their beaches there. For lovers of scuba diving, you can go to the coral coast, where beaches are not equipped with beach equipment, but there may be those with minimal comfort.