Diversity in family relationships

Same and predictable situations in family relationships sooner or later bore everyone. Even the strongest pairs break up with monotony, as one or both spouses begin to look for a source of new sensations on the side, which provokes betrayal. Therefore, family life simply requires a variety of colors, new impressions.

Many men say that they love submissive decent wives, who all day stand at the stove, are engaged in children and household chores. However, each "male" looks at a business woman careerist, who sweeps all obstacles on the way due to the unordinary, resourcefulness and diversity in their behavior. Hence the conclusion - variety in appearance, in character will always attract a man more than one and the same home robe and calm obedience on the face.

Diversity in relationships is necessary at any age, that is, young couples, and families "with experience". Nature lays in man the instinct of a warrior and a conqueror, he needs to "fight" with his half, but do not overdo it with innovations, as permanent innovations eventually acquire a monotonous character.

How to make variety in the relationship?

Diversity in relationships is always a surprise. Prepare a romantic dinner instead of the usual borscht. Remember that the way to the man lies through the stomach, here and begin to make innovations along the way. Down with dumplings and potatoes - cover a table with Japanese cuisine (sushi, rolls, sake) or in Mexican style (a mixture of vegetables with tomatoes), next time try an Italian pasta with pizza. Of course, do not "jump" from the dishes of one kitchen to another, otherwise just cause an intestinal disorder, but to make a variety 1-2 times a week is quite appropriate.

It is necessary to make a variety in the external appearance. Try to experiment with the image, then your husband will always feel that he was published with a new girlfriend. Be sure to reincarnate and at home, you can meet your man in an evening dress and a romantic dinner or in a suit rabbits and with a laid out pink satin bed sheets.

Diversity in Sexual Relationships

Diversity in this area maximizes marital relations. Positively affect the male and female attraction role-playing games, today you can be a sailor, and tomorrow a maid. Various accessories and erotic costumes you can easily find in a sex shop. Try to go to this store together and choose one outfit with your husband and carefully watch his gaze. If your gentleman has considered any image, get it secretly from the husband and surprise this suit next time.