Mimic wrinkles are the 6 best ways to get rid of a defect

The appearance of wrinkles on the skin is often associated with its aging. Not all wrinkles appear due to age-related changes. Many of them are the result of the facial features. Such folds can be laid in youth and even in adolescence.

What is the difference between mimic wrinkles and age?

The difference between these types of unevenness consists in the mechanisms of their occurrence. Wrinkles age and mimic are formed due to different processes in the skin. The first type of folds is also called gravity. They appear against the background of a decrease in the elasticity and elasticity of the dermis, its sagging under the action of attractive forces. Mimic wrinkles are laid due to the constant reduction of certain facial muscles. Gradually they deepen, turning into distinct and pronounced furrows on the skin.

Why do mimic wrinkles appear?

The main reason for the formation of the variant of folds considered is the active contraction of muscle fibers. Mimic wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, on the forehead and around the nose occur in girls who have the following habits:

Deepening of facial wrinkles is facilitated by various external and internal factors:

When do mimic wrinkles appear?

The described type of skin defects can occur at any age. With the spread of fashion on inflated lips for selfie ("duck", "duck face"), folds around the mouth are observed in very young girls, up to 20 years. Later, all appear mimic wrinkles on the forehead. In this area, the highest density of skin, so the furrows for a long time remain thin and almost invisible, appearing to 30-40 years.

Can I get rid of facial wrinkles?

Completely to smooth out roughnesses on the face it is complex or difficult, especially if they have already gone deep. Mimic wrinkles are easier to eliminate at the beginning of laying, when they are only formed. For these purposes, there are several techniques that you can practice on your own at home. Smoothing of mimic wrinkles of great depth is carried out in more intensive ways. They suggest visiting a qualified cosmetologist and introducing special injections.

How to get rid of facial wrinkles?

To eliminate the presented skin imperfections, complex therapy should be developed. Effective methods for removing facial wrinkles include the use of the following cosmetics:

Mimic wrinkle plaster

Most women are skeptical about these adaptations, not knowing the principle of their work. The technology, how to remove facial wrinkles on the forehead and other areas with the help of a patch, is based on relaxation of the facial muscles. The accessory described fixes them in a rest position, preventing the skin from tensing and folding. The pronounced effect is noticeable after 1 hour, but stable results appear after the full course of procedures.

Earlier there were only plasters for nasolabial folds and forehead. Progressive cosmetic companies have devised ways to remove facial wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. For this, more subtle and flexible devices are used that do not damage the delicate and sensitive skin, but only effectively relax the facial muscles. Qualitative plasters:

Cream from facial wrinkles

Any cosmetic products have a cumulative effect and first work only in the surface layers of the skin. Shallow mimic wrinkles are smoothed with their help quickly, but old furrows are much harder to remove. When choosing the considered beauty means, it is important to carefully study its composition. It is desirable that it contains peptides, hyaluronic acid and natural components.

A good anti-wrinkle cream:

Oil from mimic wrinkles

Vegetable fats and esters are recommended to be used in conjunction with other cosmetic products. Based on oils, you can make a home remedy for facial wrinkles or use them in a pure form. Many women enrich with natural fats purchased cosmetics, adding several drops of the product to the serum, tonic, lotion or cream.

Effective vegetable oils from facial wrinkles:

Effective esters:

A mixture of wrinkles

Ingredients :

Preparation, use :

  1. In a glass bottle, shake thoroughly all the ingredients.
  2. Apply a thin layer on the problem areas, you can lubricate sensitive skin, including the areas around the eyes.
  3. After 20 minutes, soak the treated areas with a damp cloth.

Masks from facial wrinkles

These products are distinguished by the availability and ease of manufacture. Home masks do not smooth out completely mimic deep wrinkles, but in the complex approach they make them less noticeable and distinct. Such cosmetic products should not be mixed for the future. Each procedure is performed using the most recent composition.

Mask from mimic wrinkles at home

Ingredients :

Preparation, application

  1. Mix dairy products and carrot freshly.
  2. The received weight densely to impose on sites with mimic folds.
  3. After half an hour, remove the mask and rinse your face with warm water.
  4. Gently rub the skin with an ice cube.

Mask for the zone around the eyes, lips

Ingredients :

Preparation, application

  1. Mix the yolk with honey.
  2. Add the oatmeal to the composition.
  3. A thick mass is abundantly applied to areas with wrinkles.
  4. After 10 minutes, wash off the mask.
  5. Apply a moisturizer to the skin.

Gymnastics from facial wrinkles

The type of folds considered is formed because of contracted muscles that are in constant tension. To prevent creases, you need to relax them with simple but effective exercises.

Mimic gymnastics for the face from wrinkles:

  1. High vskinut and lower your eyebrows.
  2. Clamp tightly and open your eyes wide.
  3. Chest (at the same time or alternately).
  4. Pull through the relaxed lips, so that they vibrate, and in the process the sound "pr" was issued.

Such exercises should be repeated 5-10 times. Classes can be held at any time of the day, even at work, when there is a feeling of excessive tension of the facial muscles. Noticeable results of gymnastics appear after 3-5 weeks of regular training. If you do exercises for a long time, folds are smoothed almost completely, and new creases are not formed.

Correction of facial wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

The described substance is produced in the human body, but with age its production is reduced. Injections of hyaluronic acid are still the best way to deal with mimic wrinkles. With the help of injections, the folds are almost immediately smoothed out, filling with a filler. In parallel, hyaluronic acid restores the skin turgor, restores its elasticity and elasticity. It retains moisture and prevents dehydration.

Correction of facial wrinkles provides long-lasting and stable results, which persist for 10-12 months. After resorption of the introduced hyaluronic acid, the injection must be repeated. In cosmetology cabinets for injections, special preparations are used: