Diet pills "Bomba"

Today, when everyone has already forgotten an unpleasant story with some popular Chinese tablets in the past, the "Bomba" diet pills are gaining popularity. They are made by China, and on the packaging there is an innocuous natural composition - herbs and plants. However, it is unlikely that the packaging of those sensational effective diet pills that infected a person with worms, also in the list of components, did not appear ascarid. Those who remember this story are very suspicious of the novelty.

Chinese diet pills "Bomba": information

Sites that sell Bomba fat-burning tablets say that the drug has undergone all types of clinical studies and proved its effectiveness and safety. However, this information was not officially confirmed, and the tablets were added to the dietary supplements (biologically active additives), the effectiveness of which is not felt by official organizations that certify medicines.

Sites offering red and green pill "Bomb" for weight loss, usually publish information that the drug without any effort allows you to lose 10 kilograms per month due to improved metabolism. There is anything you can do with it. This leads to the idea that in China, still use worms for weight loss - or how to explain this effect? Any sane person understands that no improved metabolism will help burn 2000-3000 extra calories.

Other distributors do not share this view, and argue that the drug simply suppresses the appetite, and losing weight is due to the refusal of nutrition. In this case, the composition must include a sub-arbitrator or other narcotic substance banned in the territory of the Russian Federation, the United States and the EU. The information is contradictory, which leads to the idea that sellers themselves have no idea what exactly they are selling.

The main disturbing fact is that the "Bomb" tablets for burning fat were not allowed for sale in pharmacies - you can buy them only in questionable online stores. The state takes care of its citizens, and allows only real safe and tested means to be sold through pharmacies. The absence of a "Bomb" on the shelves of pharmacies suggests that either the product has not passed the tests and tests, or is unsafe.

"Bomb": diet pills with an amazing composition

Information about the composition of the various sites selling the drug is also very different. Some argue that the pills consist of psyllium (its effect is more anti-catarrhal than fat burning). Also, the composition includes an extract of Brazil nuts (a low-calorie source of vegetable fats), capsicine or cayenne pepper (this is closer to the topic - it is used in the manufacture of sports fat burners, because it speeds up the metabolism). The main hope lies with the sellers of the mysterious extract Fructus Canarli, which is called a tropical fruit with a fat burning effect. It is interesting, but it is not in the directories of plants, so the influence of this mythical component can not be guessed at all.

In other sources, it is claimed that l-carnitine is included in the composition - this is a well-known sports fat burner, which, in turn, should be used strictly in combination with serious physical exertion. In general, the real composition of the remedy remains a secret. Are you ready to take such a remedy?

Effective pills for weight loss "Bomb": side effects

Vendors write that there are no side effects of the drug, but if you look into the responses of real people, an impressive selection appears:

If you have such information, think carefully about whether you should take a pill for losing weight "Bomb", or not.