Antimony for the eyes

At all times, it was the feminine look that could pierce the heart of a man and conquer him forever. Large and expressive eyes have always been the main goal of every woman. Another world-famous Cleopatra looked at Antimony. In the east, a man is allowed to see only the eyes of a woman. That is why Eastern women apply a special antimony paint on their eyelashes on the eyelashes.

Antimony makes the eyes lighter and more. In the east it is believed that this remedy helps to combat various eye diseases, protects them from the bright sun and improves eyesight. Antimony has no contraindications and expiration date. This is a more natural and safe product than cosmetic eyeliner of unknown origin.

Types of antimony for eyes

This tool can be found in several variants, each has its own advantages:

  1. Powder. Applying antimony at night is very useful, because it improves eyesight and accelerates the growth of eyelashes. In addition, the application of antimony helps to relieve fatigue from the eyes. You can use it every day. Rinse off the powder is not difficult, it can be done with the help of ordinary soap or foam for washing.
  2. Antimony is based on almond oil, often with the addition of basma. This option is very convenient for performing oriental makeup for the eyes. Oil nourishes the skin of eyelids, and basma takes care of eyelashes.
  3. Antimony pencil. As a rule, antimony pencil is produced with the addition of olive oil. Make-up with antimony in this form will turn out to be damp and quite saturated. But this effect of humidity will be without spreading, so you can safely do a daytime make-up for the whole day. It is very easy to wash off, you can apply every day.
  4. Antimony with the addition of camphor oil and various plant extracts. Can be used to relieve fatigue from the eyes. It is especially convenient to use for eyes that are constantly in tension.

Indian antimony

The most popular form of this product today is black powder with the addition of camphor. Promotes the growth of eyelashes, helps to get rid of eye discharge. Before use, you need to moisten the stick, then the powder can stick to it. It is possible to use such therapeutic antimony daily. It is necessary to apply powder to the entire lower eyelid and along the entire length. If the powder suddenly comes into contact with the mucous, do not worry, it's even useful. Keep in mind that it will take some time to get used to such antimony. At the expense of camphor when you get on the mucous membrane, you will feel chills and intense tears will begin.

How to use antimony?

Although many girls are already familiar with antimony, but how to use it correctly, not everyone knows. Arabian makeup is difficult to imagine without expressive and densely pent-up eyes. Antimony can be used for stage make-up, because it needs a special brightness and stamina. Consider the main points of applying Arab makeup and the use of antimony as a liner for the eyes: