Soda with lemon slimming

There is no longer such a "slimming" person who has not heard about the excess of lemon, and even more so, soda for weight loss . Considering the fact that we repeatedly expressed our logically based opinion on the various miracle of assistants in weight loss, today we will consider a more "improved" version for weight loss, or rather, soda with lemon.

To begin with, let us recall the principles and effects from each of them.


It is impossible not to begin with our favorite soda, the savior of all drowning in superfluous (such impression, that kgs can already be only superfluous) kgs. We are strongly recommended to drink soda diluted in a glass of water, and do this before each meal for better digestion, I guess. What does soda do in our body?

Soda creates an alkaline environment, the stomach is acidic. To digest food we need gastric juice, which contains dissolved hydrochloric acid. It's not for nothing that our body emits gastric juice, because without it (and therefore, acids), food can not be digested.

So, soda (alkaline) got into the stomach (acid) and neutralized the acid. The result is that the food "hangs" in our digestive tract is not digested, not digested, and we do not get vitamins or anything else that could be useful. It would seem, for the sake of losing weight you can do without benefit. But, what are the calories, are they in the stomach absorbed?

Fats and carbohydrates - pests of slim figures do not care about your stomach. Anyway, and the food will move further to the intestines (albeit not digested), and the fats in the most beautiful manner will be absorbed there. And carbohydrates had time to do it in your mouth and esophagus.

What we have: upset stomach, digested fats and carbohydrates, uneaten vitamins, ulcers on the esophagus from the sore his soda.


But do not forget that we are talking about a so-called diet with lemon and soda. What is a lemon?

Its vitamin composition certainly does not interfere with immunity , and the acid itself stimulates digestion, because, as we have already said, we need acid for the process of digesting food. Therefore, drinking a glass of water with a lemon in the morning is a completely justified way to "turn on" the stomach. However, one should not drink 10 glasses of this drink per day, otherwise you will get such heartburn that you will stop thinking about food (maybe this effect of losing weight is what you mean?). And with a heartburn from a lemon, you will be advised to drink just soda. Speaking of how to lose weight with soda and lemon in one fell swoop further.

Soda + lemon

Soda - alkaline, lemon - acid. You are probably already familiar with the following tips for losing weight:

Squeeze the juice of one lemon, drink and rinse the mouth with the soda solution.

For some reason, this should lead to losing weight. Now back to elementary chemistry, which is obvious for your ignorant author.

Drinking soda with lemon - it's like not drinking anything. Alkali neutralizes the acid, and presumably saves your tooth enamel from concentrated action of citric acid. But for your gastrointestinal tract it looks different: they poured with acid, from which everything inside was "burned", "flushed" and "broken", and everything that the "master" (that is, you) did was protect the teeth. Well, at least clean water to drink, to wash away the citric acid from the walls of the esophagus!

We hope that even if we have not been able to correctly and scientifically explain the absurdity of a one-time consumption of two antipodes products, then at least you felt our outrage in relation to such advice. Lose weight honestly before yourself and your body, and instead of violating its natural processes, like digestion, on the contrary, consume food that will not be deposited on your waist with new centimeters, but will saturate with vitamins and give good health.