Chamomile in Pregnancy

Everyone knows how useful the chamomile is. Drugs prepared from it have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antihypoxic, antispasmodic, antiviral, desensitizing, choleretic, cardiotonic, sedative. Chamomile helps with various diseases and is used for cosmetic purposes. In the middle band, chamomile is spread almost everywhere. Sometimes we perceive it as a weed, but Hippocrates also treated it with headache, bladder, kidney, liver.

Let's talk about how to use chamomile during pregnancy, because this plant, like any medicine, has its limitations in use, including during the bearing of the child.


The most important contraindication regarding the use of chamomile in pregnancy is frequent, or incorrect use of it inside as infusions and decoctions. There is an explanation for this. It has been clinically proven that this plant stimulates the production of the hormone estrogen by the ovaries, and its excess can provoke miscarriage or premature birth.

Therefore, when answering the question of many expectant mothers about whether it is possible to consume chamomile during pregnancy, it should be noted that it is better to use it externally in the form:

How to drink chamomile?

If during pregnancy a woman develops toxicosis, stomach problems, nervous system disorders, then the chamomile can be used inside. But you need to do this very, very carefully.

Tea, decoction or infusion of chamomile in pregnancy should be diluted with a large volume of water, so that the medicinal drink was rather weak. Only in this case the daisy will benefit. Drink it should be in the amount of not more than 400 ml per day.

Chamomile tea relieves pain from stomach cramps to headaches during pregnancy, soothes, removes from a depressed state, helps to get rid of overexcitation. Light tea with chamomile will also help with constipation, increased gas production, bloating. A cup of weak chamomile broth, when drunk in the morning, will help relieve symptoms of toxicosis.

Drink chamomile only if it is a real need. When buying chamomile in a pharmacy you need to carefully study the packaging. If other herbs are added to the chamomile flowers of the pharmacy, then it is not worth buying such a tool, because not all herbs are useful during pregnancy.


Separately it is necessary to say about douche douches during pregnancy.

Syringes with chamomile , as well as any other means during pregnancy, are not acceptable according to modern medical requirements. Carrying out this procedure can disrupt the natural microflora, and the multiplication of pathogenic flora can threaten not only the woman, but her child.

Thus, it is obvious that chamomile for pregnant women can be both useful and harmful. The main thing - to use it correctly, so as not to harm the life and health of the future baby.