Accustoming a child to a pot - how much to start, how quickly to teach?

This question interests caring parents about six months of a beloved child. At this time, the crumb begins to sit, and it begins to actively sit on the pot. But is this the right approach? Or how to teach the children to such an adult business in a different way? The answers to these and other equally important questions are highlighted below.

What time to teach a child to a pot?

Many parents are interested in this, and even more - grandmothers. After all, they argue that in their time, children almost 3 months gave to understand that they want to write. Moms also want the child to learn everything early, but not everything is so easy. On the question of when to teach a child to a pot, there is no exact answer. Here, as in the remaining stages of development, one must look exclusively at the little one. Accustoming the child to the pot should begin when there is a psychological and physiological readiness for this. At the same time, some of them are ready for this already in the year, and others are too early for it. But among pediatricians there is an opinion that the brain department, which controls the excretory processes, is developing closer to 18 months.

How quickly to accustom a child to a pot?

The relatives decided that their crumbs had grown, so it's time to start teaching the child to the pot. But that's where to start learning to pot? - they are interested. It requires a systematic approach and a whole range of activities that will ensure the successful teaching of the child to the pot. The main ones will be considered further:

How to teach a child to ask for a pot?

A beautiful children's toilet and a pile of panties were acquired, it's time to start the learning process! Below are the ways of potty training:

How to teach a child to sit on a pot?

Children are great repetitions. They copy adults in everything. If, after all attempts on the part of adults, the child still resists, you can act differently: let the older brother, sister or even mother show by example that you can and should sit down on this subject. Often the crumb after this ceases to be afraid of this "wonder-beast", also begins to be friends with him and the child's training to the pot is more successful. It is important to choose a suitably shaped object. The hole must not be too large to be popped there. In the first time you can sit crumbs on an adult, support the kid under the handles, if necessary, so that he is not scared.

There is a modern bestseller about teaching a child to a pot for 1 day. It is called "Accustoming to a pot for 1 day." Authors Ezrin Nathan and Richard Fox assure that having read the book, the time spent on training will take from 4 to 24 hours. One chapter describes one interesting way - you can enlist the help of modern toys, for example, dolls that can write. You can drink a doll from a bottle, and then plant it on a pot - and, oh, a miracle, - it will become wet! The child is so imbued with what he has seen that he is also trying to reproduce this in the near future.

How to teach a child to poke into a pot?

Peristalsis of the intestine is activated after eating. At this time, children often want to kick. The method of training the child to the pot says that parents should plant the baby just after the main meals. It is very important that the little man is comfortable. This item should be suitable for the size for it, because to do a big thing, it will need to sit for a while.

How to teach a child to write in a pot?

The technique of potty training, discussed below, is designed for 7 days. It was invented by the British Gina Ford for children of 1,5 years, when they are already able to understand the simplest instructions. Here is what it consists of:

  1. On the first day in the morning, a pampus is removed from the youngster and they are often planted during the day. A kid can be carried away with something interesting at this time, so that there is no desire to jump ahead of time.
  2. The second day goes on fixing the skill. You have to be careful, watch out for the karapuz not to play and turn on the pot in time.
  3. On the third day, you should not wear a diaper even for a walk. But before it, you must invite the crumb to do your business.
  4. According to the technique on the fourth day, many children are ready to ask themselves if they need to go to the toilet. At this time, let the pot stand in a prominent place. And after a week it needs to be moved to another room, so that the kid understands that you need to cope with your need not in the middle of the room, but in a special place.

How to teach a child to stand on a pot at night?

The first stage of the journey is passed - in the daytime the karapuz makes his affairs no longer in panties, but as an adult he asks when he needs to write. There comes the next stage - how to teach the child to the pot at night? If the child can not sleep through the whole night and stay dry, then the only way is night planting. At first, many children protest, but eventually they get used to it and practically do it in a half-awake state.

Mom knows his little one better than others and will be able to adapt. You can work out a schedule, and plant a child at 12 o'clock, and then already at 6. Then one lift should be removed and see if there is enough one lift per night. If there are failures and blunders - do not worry and do not scold the crumbs. Hence, his body is not yet fully ripe and can not properly control the processes.

Panties for potty training

Training panties are a very good help at a time when parents decided to start teaching the child to the pot. Panties for potty training are sewn so that outside they have a waterproof layer, so the sofas and carpets will be saved. And inside they are, as usual. That is, if a crumb in them pee, then feel the discomfort. And this is important for realizing why you should even ask to go to the toilet. Also there are disposable panties-diapers for training to the pot. They quickly absorbed everything. But they are convenient for walking in the first time. If a crumb was asked, they can be quickly and conveniently removed, which can not be said about ordinary diapers.

The child does not sit down on the pot - what should I do?

The children's toilet was bought, all the methods have already been tried, but the matter does not shift. The karapuz flatly refuses to go into it. In this case, it is already necessary to resort to not quite traditional means. The help comes the cartoon teaching to the pot. One of the cartoons, consisting of several series, shows how a bear cub, puppy, does it. The little animals are playing, and then they undress and sit down to celebrate their affairs. Many kids are very fond of a cartoon about mumps Pippu. There is a series where Peppa teaches George to go for a pot. On the kids this method works flawlessly, they happily copy animated characters and easily accustom to their toilet.

The child stopped going to the pot

It often happens that the accustoming to the pot was crowned with success, the kid did everything right, and then suddenly refuses to sit down on the pot. Relatives panic, they can not understand what happened to their beloved child, and how to deal with the problem that has arisen. First you need to understand the possible cause of this behavior. It can be:

If the cause is identified, then it should be deleted as much as possible, creating comfortable conditions for the child. If the reason can not be excluded, it is necessary to have patience, not to put pressure on the youngster and not to focus on the problem of attention. Pot should be gradually offered again, do not do it too actively. If, in spite of all efforts, the problem remains, and the child's repeated accustoming to the pot is not possible, it is necessary to go for help to the doctor.

The child does not want to walk on the pot

In children, unwillingness to do anything can hide ordinary fears. So in this situation, relatives experience when a child is afraid of a pot - what to do? Here you need to try to figure out what could cause fear. Here are a few common reasons:

In any case, if the baby already knows how to talk, you need to talk to him and try to find out the cause of childhood fears, and then try to eliminate it by surrounding your son or daughter with warmth and love. Children should feel support from their relatives and know that whatever happens, adults will always help and support. Only in this way it is possible to grow a healthy and happy karapuza, from whom everything in life will be obtained.