How to ease the pain in the bouts - the ways that act 100%

Childbirth is a long, painful and energy-consuming process. After experiencing once the sensations and pain that accompany the birth, women remember them forever. Because of this, the question arises as to how to ease the pain in bouts. This becomes possible if the pregnant woman follows several rules.

Pain in fights - sensations

Expecting the birth of the firstborn, future mothers are often interested in their friends who have given birth to babies, what a pain in labor before birth, how long it lasts and how to fight it. It is worth noting that the first, so-called training fights, may appear even at the 20th week of pregnancy. However, they do not lead to the onset of labor and give the pregnant women more discomfort than painful sensations.

The first labor contractions are often similar to the pain of cramping, which is noted during menstruation. Soon, as the cervix opens, sensations become more intense. The peculiarity is that the pain does not have a clear localization and often has a diffuse character. The onset of labor is often preceded by:

What is the pain in battles like?

Even at the stage of preparation for childbirth, pregnant women are interested in doctors about what can be compared to pain in fights, what it looks like. Obstetricians do not give an unambiguous answer, pointing to the individuality of each organism. The beginning of the birth process occurs in different ways: some women fix pain in the lumbar region, others notice pulling pains in the lower abdomen remotely resembling those that occur during menstruation.

Not knowing with what to compare a pain at fights, puerperas describe them as "pushes" in the field of a loin which are accompanied by a pain. Over time, painful sensations pass to the abdomen, acquire a girdling character. Some women feel the bones of the pelvis and sacrum begin to move apart. Over time, the intensity increases, the duration of each contraction increases, the interval becomes smaller. This indicates the baby's soon appearance.

Can there be contractions without pain?

Having learned, what pain at fights , pregnant women are interested in the doctor conducting pregnancy, about sorts without a pain. In this case, they are more concerned with the first stage - the opening of the cervix, accompanied by severe pain. It is worth noting that in modern obstetrics there are methods of anesthesia that make the process of labor absolutely painless ( epidural anesthesia ). However, a woman can alleviate the pain herself, without resorting to medication.

The results of the study showed that the painful sensations accompanying the birth are due to the process itself only by 30%. The remaining 70% is a psychological factor and features of the physiological processes of the female body. Fear, stress, fear for the baby, who comes into the world, significantly increase the pain and suffering that are observed in a woman during childbirth. In her bloodstream, the concentration of the hormone adrenaline rises, which causes a spasm of blood vessels, muscles, and pain.

How to relieve pain during labor?

Talking about how to reduce pain during contractions, doctors point to the need for prenatal preparation of pregnant women. It is conducted in a women's consultation. Future mothers attend special classes, where they are introduced to existing techniques to facilitate the process of childbirth. Pregnant women learn correct behavior during delivery, breathing . Women are advised to use special sets of exercises that train the muscles of the pelvic floor. Doctors tell the pregnant women in detail what to do to facilitate the contractions. In the absence of contraindications, appoint:

How to breathe during a violent fight?

Among the techniques that teach how to reduce pain during labor, breathing exercises occupy a separate position. Due to the simplicity and accessibility to use it at the birth of a baby can every pregnant woman. According to this technique, after the onset of labor, the parturient should not try to suppress pain: you can not strain, especially scream. Pain can, on the contrary, intensify.

To reduce the painful sensations, after the start of regular bouts, one should adhere to the following technique:

The inspiration should always be shorter. When exhaling, it is recommended to fold the lips with a tube. As a result of such actions, the pregnant woman will be able to relax muscles as much as possible, calm down. The lungs are filled with oxygen, which will flow through the blood to the baby. Thus, the possibility of developing complications associated with oxygen starvation of the fetus is excluded.

Poses for ease of contractions

It has been established that when the mother is in a certain position, the pain sensations become less pronounced or disappear altogether. Some trained women use special yoga postures to facilitate contractions. However, most expectant mothers resort to the help of more accessible positions in fights:

In the standing position:

  1. You need to lean on the bedside table, the back of the bed, slightly apart legs. Completely relax your back and stomach. The weight of the body is transferred to the arms and legs. In this position, you swing left, right, backward and forward.
  2. They lowered themselves on their haunches, spread their legs widely, leaning on the whole foot. The back then leans against the wall.
  3. The legs are set on the width of the shoulders, hands are placed on the hips. Rocking alternately back-forward, left-right.

In the sitting position on the fitball:

  1. Sit down on the big ball, legs are widely bred to the sides, bent at the knees. Perform jiggle. The ball should be pushed in half.

Exercises to facilitate contractions

Pain during contractions can be reduced with the help of special physical exercises. Special gymnastics for women in childbirth should be selected at the stage of pregnancy. Do it in between breaks. Among the effective exercises can be identified:

  1. The legs are shoulder width apart, arms along the trunk. On inhalation, the arms are bent in the sides, they are lowered by inhalation, shaking the brush.
  2. The initial position is the same: the elbows are diverted to the side, lifting one leg forward.

Massage to facilitate contractions

To minimize pain in the loins during contractions, doctors recommend a light massage. By stroking the lower abdomen in the direction from the center to the sides, a woman will be able to relax the muscle fibers not only of the stomach, but also of the perineum, the thighs. Clenching their hands in fists, knuckles produce grinding of the external surface of the thighs. You can also massage the area of ​​the sacrum: the hands are clenched into fists, taken away behind the back, rubbing the sacrum in circular motions. Knowing how to alleviate the pain in the bouts with the help of massage, it is good to combine it with the right breathing.

Bath to facilitate contractions

To alleviate pain during labor can be and with the help of water procedures. In the absence of contraindications (premature discharge of amniotic fluid, high blood pressure), obstetricians allow the women in the first period of labor to take a warm bath. The water temperature should be 40-45 degrees. This will help reduce pain, relieve tension and muscle spasm, relax. Before you ease the pain in severe bouts in this way, you need to make sure that the fetal bladder is intact.