Tincture of valerian - good and bad

Valerian, which is popularly known as the cat's root, has long been known as a medicament. At the same time, ease of use and relative safety made it widely available. That is why it is important to know what is the tincture of valerian and what is its use.

When do you use the cat's root?

Using plant tincture as a mild sedative, today few people know that the spectrum of its use is much broader:

How to drink a tincture of valerian?

To get the most effect from taking the drug you need to know how to drink a tincture of valerian. Some of this phrase will cause a smile, they say, there is nothing complicated there: dripped and drank. However, practice proves that the desired result can be achieved if you take the drug course of two to three weeks. In this case, there are features related to the age of the patient: children under 12 years are prescribed a reception in the amount: 1 drop - for 1 year of life. Take 3-4 times a day before meals with a little water. The adult dosage is 20-30 drops. For prevention, it is recommended to take the drug once a day before bedtime.

In addition to valerian, as a soothing often used motherwort, so sometimes there are disputes, which is better, tincture of motherwort or valerian. As practice shows, the dispute on this topic is inappropriate, since the motherwort, in addition to soothing action, has its own spectrum of application. In addition, a mixture of tinctures of valerian and motherwort is used to relieve nervous tension and enhance sedation.


Tincture of valerian can bring not only benefits, but harm, if you do not take into account possible limitations and contraindications to admission. Among them:

In addition, it is worth considering that long-term use can cause drowsiness and dullness of the severity of reactions and attention.