What is the name Danil

A man named Danil possesses such qualities as poise, analytical thinking and the ability to notice any little things. This person always comes to the rescue in a difficult moment, it is easy to communicate with him.

Translated from Hebrew, the name Danil means - "God is a judge," "God is my judge," "My judge is God."

Origin of the name Danil:

The name Danil goes back deep into history - it originated at the time of the emergence of Christianity and came from the Hebrew language. It comes from the Hebrew personal name of the prophet Daniel.

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Danil:

As a child Danilka is a very calm and benevolent child, sometimes very shy, but with age it passes. He likes active sports, swimming. However, it does not always strive to win and to receive any awards. It leads a healthy lifestyle, favorite places for recreation are nature, which gives it vitality and energy. All his life, great importance attached to family relationships and relations, spending holidays in the circle of numerous relatives. Very hospitable and sociable. Friends often come to visit him.

It's hard to argue with Danila. His serene calm of many infuriates. He can prove his point for hours without showing any emotion. A person with that name will always come to the rescue, even if they have to break all their rules and regulations, although then conscience will torment them for that. But, if, in close contact, he discovers cunning or self-serving goals towards himself to his comrade, then this person will lose his trust forever.

By nature Danila - people who everywhere "go first". They are always resolute, but before they make this or that important decision, everyone will think and weigh well. Field of activity Danil can be quite extensive - artist, cook, builder, entrepreneur, electronics specialist, aircraft designer, researcher, and always work will be for him in the first place. He works quite enthusiastically. Such qualities as conflict-free and perseverance can lead Danil to success in any field of activity. He would not have turned out to be a bad leader.

Personal life is subordinated to feelings that he does not know how to express correctly, he does not like excessive demonstrativeness. However, the first marriage, usually, is not always successful. Danil is a wonderful loving father. With children spends a lot of time, favorite places - a summer residence, the nature, fishing. He does not like conflicts in the family, with a quarrel is not inclined to violence and conversations in elevated tones. He solves all problems with compromises and tries to smooth the corners by force of persuasion.

Not every father treats his children like Danil. He adores children, loves to play and walks with them, willingly visits parental meetings. But the wife neither in the house, nor in any other of her affairs does not help. He prefers to spend time outside the house, in nature or in the country. Usually, fond of fishing or hunting.

Interesting facts about the name of Danil:

The name Danil, which in olden days was pronounced, like Danilo, was often found among the peasants of artisans in Russia.

The main character of one of the greatest novels of Bazhov - "The Stone Flower", included in the famous collection of the past - "Malachite Box", was named Danil.

Danil's name in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Danil : Danila, Danilka, Danisha, Danilo, Danja, Danil, Dan'ka, Danik

Danil - color of name : gray-blue, yellow

Flower of Danil : buttercup