What breeds of dogs are suitable for an apartment?

To a pet became a true friend, your habits and life activity should coincide as much as possible. No wonder they say that a dog always looks like its owner. If we talk about what kind of dog is better for an apartment, then there are several more influencing factors. We turn to them below, and also consider the list of the most suitable rocks for multi-storey buildings.

Which breed of dogs is best for an apartment?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that not every breed will be able to adapt to urban housing conditions. Firstly, it should be a moderately active pet, otherwise on arrival home you risk discovering the furniture torn to shreds of boredom.

In search of an answer, what kind of dog to get in the apartment, it's nice to pay attention to the breeds unpretentious and possibly short-haired. And do not forget about the peculiarities of family leisure: how often you are willing to pay attention to your pet, whether there are small children in the house, whether there is a large park nearby for walking dogs.

Now let's move on to a small list of which breed of dogs is best for an apartment.

  1. In any list indicating which breeds of dogs are suitable for an apartment, there is always a pug . Complexity of care is average, it will be necessary to tinker unless during molting. But a quiet long walk will be enough for the animal to satisfy the need for physical activity. An excellent breed for families with children.
  2. At its modest size, the Yorkshire terrier will be a fine guard in the apartment, and the activity of this breed is average. Pleasant news will be minimal molt and complete safety even for allergic people.
  3. In search of an answer, which breed of dogs to keep the apartment, pay attention to the French bulldog . Almost does not molt, requires minimal attention and is always in a good mood. Such a pet will not make you walk for a long time in the park, and will never attempt to escape.
  4. A true friend of the family has always been and remains a Labrador . This is one of the best companions, and a walk after working in unhurried mode for about an hour will completely allow the pair to release the pet. For all its pretty, this is a good guard.
  5. Many, wondering what kind of dog to keep the apartment, the boxer stops on the breed. First, the pet's fur is not only short and not prone to molting, but also requires minimal care. An important factor for many remains the characteristic smell of the dog, and so the boxer is almost completely absent. The only thing that does not work out is physical stress, since the dog needs them daily.
  6. The balanced poodles are different. In apartments they are kept often, and the most different families. If the gradual combing of wool and constant care of the appearance does not scare you, and even intrigues, this breed will fully justify your expectations.
  7. But the answer is which breeds of dogs are suitable for an apartment, if you are a homebody, there will definitely be an English bulldog . This breed will be completely satisfied with a leisurely short walk, as it prefers a measured way of life. He feels great in the apartment conditions, he is not inclined to spoil the property. But be prepared for a constant control over the nutrition of the dog, because with such preferences, obesity is its main problem.
  8. Another breed that does not require much attention and long walks is the Pekingese . The breed adapts easily, adapts itself to the rhythm of the life of its master. You will need to follow only the pet's fur so that no collars develop.
  9. For families with children, a beagle will be an excellent solution. The dog is friendly and with proper training, its activity will not be a problem. He is quite enough room even in a small apartment, and long walks in the air in the company of children for him is a real reward.
  10. And finally, the favorites of many are cocker spaniels. Again, they are suitable for families with children, where long and active walks are normal.