Two beauties under one roof: Stella Maxwell moved to Kristen Stewart

Relations between the star of "Twilight" and one of the angels Victoria's Secret moved to a new level. In any case, such information was provided by the insider to one of the western publications.

About the novel Kristen Stewart and the mannequins Stella Maxwell became known 6 months ago. Well, now the same-sex couple celebrities decided to come together.

The insider from Stella's entourage told the following:

"They began to live in one house. Stella is constantly spending time in the Los Angeles mansion of her lover. "

A conscious decision

Girls are very serious about each other, they are just fine together, that's why they want to spend as much time together as possible. Stella has apartments in New York, but she decided that living on the West Coast with her beloved girl would be better for her.

Girlfriends recently, like a thread with a needle - where one, there and another. Kristen shot in New Orleans - Stella flew to her:

"Both are real workaholics, they work a lot, and this brings them joy. But at the same time, the girls make efforts not to be separated for a long time. Kristen looks really in love with her girlfriend. "

Recall that rumors about the "unconventional" novel Celebris appeared about a year ago. But then this news did not have any continuation. About the fact that Stella and Kristen are not just girlfriends, they started talking again last December. The relationship moved from a friendly format, to a more serious one after the model flew to Savannah, where the BAFTA winner took part in the shootings.

The source told the following:

"The girls stayed together for several days, but they realized that they get on so well together that they do not want to leave. And the feelings that they experience are no longer friendships. "
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In principle, this union is not surprising, because Kristen has repeatedly met with women, her last novel - with the singer St. Vincent ended in October last year. Model Victoria's Secret met with shocking and loving Miley Cyrus.