Women's Draped Coat 2013

A fashionable draped coat is not only a functional attribute of the wardrobe, but also a thing that will demonstrate the individuality of its owner. Previously, this material was used primarily to create the top menswear. In the fall of 2013, designers are always sewing women's drapery coats. Despite not a certain "roughness" of the material, professionals turn such products into elegant outerwear of various shades of different cuts with unusual decoration. In addition, it is a practical thing, because it is good to wear and keeps warm well, and all because this fabric consists of two layers.

Fashionable silhouettes of a stylish drape coat

Female winter drape or demi-season coat saves from bad weather, demonstrates individuality and good taste. Such material in itself is not particularly noticeable, but the designers have managed to turn this product into a fashionable thing, and most importantly necessary. Owners of drapery outerwear can be any girl, starting a student and ending with a business lady .

In many collections there is a woman's draped coat with a hood. The hood is an important detail. Depending on the wishes of the girl, he can be removed. The fur can be removed or turned away. You can buy a coat with natural or artificial fur. It should be remembered that outerwear with a hood is an opportunity to save on the headdress, especially when it comes to the classic women's drapery coat. Trying to pick up a hat in a classic style can be a problem. When there is a hood, the problem is solved by itself.

The length can be very different: to the middle of the thigh, to the knee, slightly higher or lower, slightly covering the lower back. What shape, style or length not to choose, this product will be in fashion for many years. Autumn and winter shades 2013-2014 are considered black, mustard, gray, brown, olive. Rich looks emerald, sand, green, burgundy.

If you describe the fashionable draped coat 2013, then it will be a model with a three-dimensional hood, but short sleeves. From the cold hands will be saved long knitted gloves. It is worth noting that this decision will make women of fashion and beauty not only slender but also magnificent women.

Trifles are important

Women's drapery coat with fur looks luxurious with any accessories. You can tirelessly change hats, gloves, scarves, scarves and jewelry - you will still be on top. Such outerwear is style and conciseness. The militaristic theme is relevant this season. Drape - plastic material, so the imagination of designers is difficult to limit this. In autumn, a woman's drapery coat can be long or short, fitted, straight, trapezoid. For a long time, the retro theme does not come off the fashion podium, which is why retro notes are present when it comes to outerwear. Now the legacy of the 80s looks particularly interesting: in the fashion there is a dark drape, trimmed with a narrow mink collar.

Speaking generally, the style will not be overshadowed by the rainy mood. There are positive notes in the design, the solutions are the most daring, comfort and practicality - that's what attracts fashionistas to buy such clothes. A short female drapery coat is recommended to be worn with short boots or ankle boots. High jackboots are best reserved for a mix with a jacket.

In the fall of 2013, designers began to style the draped sweep coat, which does not assume the presence of buttons. It is tied in the waist. Double-breasted coats are not at the peak of their popularity. Popular in the previous season, sleeves in ¾ are almost not present in the models of this year. The main motto of the drape coats of 2013 is minimalism in decoration and rigor of forms.