Height and weight of Kara Delevin

Despite such a young age, the British model already knows perfectly well what the world fame and huge fees are. Success struck a fragile beauty with a steel character after signing a contract of cooperation with. Seeing this model on the podium once, it is impossible to forget her expressive fashionable house Burberry eyes, chisel nose and mind-boggling designers dense, broad eyebrows. By the way, it is Kara manufacturers of cosmetic products for eyebrow care due to the increase in sales, as the girl brought into fashion naturalness and naturalness. Kara Delevin's ideal parameters and her extreme diligence are compensated by ridiculous antics on backstage and loud statements about the details of her personal life.

A new podium star

"Sable" eyebrows, which are the hallmark of the model, are not the only virtue of Kara. This immediately understood when meeting a seventeen-year-old girl Sarah Dukas, who opened the world to supermodel Kate Moss . Relatively small for the models growth, the ideal weight, for which Kara Delevin carefully monitors, and the standard parameters of the model figure were exactly what the modern fashion industry required. Already a year after the first defile at the Burberry show, the girl became the model of the year, receiving an award from the British Fashion Awards.

The figure of Kary Delevin with parameters 80-59-87 allows the model to act as an androgyne, but its energy and feminine charm make such an experiment impossible. According to Sarah Douglas, Kara fills up all the space around her, so she can not go unnoticed. What is the height and weight of Kara Delevin? If the weight of the model is extremely clear (49 kilograms), then relative to real growth, there are doubts. If you believe the documents that are stored in the agency Storm Model Management, then it is 176 centimeters. By model standards, this is not so much. There are rumors that, in reality, Kara is a few centimeters below, but the agencies turn a blind eye to the fact that the model "exaggerates slightly."

On the podium and on the pages of glossy magazines, we see Kara in different images, but in life the girl prefers sports and kezhual-style. Sometimes it can even be confused with a boy, because any of her clothes - jeans, sweatshirts, colorful hats and sneakers. Even difficult to imagine how a grunge lover manages to reincarnate in a refined British princess at Mulberry shows, and then appear before the audience in the form of a sexual panther, advertising the brand La Perla.

Beauty secrets

How does Kara Delevin look after the figure and take care of the body, the face? It seems that the girl pays a lot of time for this, but it's not. Nature awarded the top model with an ideal velvety skin, not prone to rashes, redness, freckles and fat. Kara has repeatedly mentioned that she does not give preference to specific cosmetic brands. If she looks after the eyebrows with Brow Gel gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills, then the cream buys the one that caught my eye. Yes, and he forgets to apply regularly. Kara admits that her main problem is the removal of makeup. Sometimes she gets tired so that she goes to bed with make-up on her face, which she regrets very much in the morning.

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As for sports, Kara is indifferent to him. In the gym you can see it very rarely. And why is this girl, who is busy from morning till late at night, defileting on the catwalk or filming in the next film? Delevin admits that skin care and physical exertion may be needed in the near future, but for the time being it is a pity to spend it.