Brooklyn Beckham has a romance with 28-year-old singer and dancer Lexie Panther

Brooklyn, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, despite his young age, is very popular among girls. After the 19-year-old Brooklyn parted ways with his beloved Chloe Moretz, he is constantly noticed in the arms of other girls. Most recently in the press wrote that he had an affair with Lexi Wood, and today it became known that he exchanged it for another Lexi, which is known by the name Pantherra.

Brooklyn Beckham

28-year-old Lexi - the new muse of Brooklyn?

For the past few days, fans of 19-year-old Beckham are discussing photos and videos on which Brooklyn is filming a 28-year-old dancer and singer Lexi Panther on her camera. Frankly, these footage caused a lot of excitement among the Brooklyn fans, because they believe that Chloe Moretz is ideal for their favorite. Despite the dissatisfaction of the fans, a close friend of Beckham described his relationship with Panther in such a way:

"The last week, Brooklyn spends all his time with Lexi. He confessed to me that she conquered and fascinated him. Whether love or not is hard to say. I only know that when Brooklyn looks at Lexie, his eyes glow with tenderness. This happens infrequently, and I've seen this only a few times when he was in a relationship with the Moret. I think that with time the situation will clear up. "
Lexi Pantherra

In addition to this statement in the press appeared one more, in which it was possible to find the following lines:

"Brooklyn considers himself to be a good photographer, and when he met Panther, he saw in it a first-class model. Now they are connected only by business relations, but, it seems to me that Beckham begins to fall in love with her. Perhaps she is his new muse, and perhaps this is a new and powerful feeling. "
Lexi Panther in the Brooklyn Beckham lens
28-year-old Lexi - the new muse of Brooklyn
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In the meantime, some fans are discussing the new relationship of a 19-year-old photographer with a 28-year-old singer, others have noticed that a new piquant photograph appeared on his page in Instagram. On it, the son of famous parents posed with his naked torso, showing off his tattoos. Despite the fact that the body of Brooklyn is ideal to call it difficult, according to fans, or rather, the fans, their favorite is very well built. After the publication of this frame, a huge number of reviews appeared on the network, which spoke of the desire of many girls to get to know the celebrity closer.