The opening of the Cannes Festival: Cruz, Blanchett, Stewart, Moore and Hargeyt presented chic images

No sooner had the fans of the red carpet departed from the Ball Institute costume, as today the network already had photos from the new event. The other day in Cannes kicked off the film festival, which was attended by a huge number of celebrities. Yesterday on the red carpet in front of the press posed such popular actresses as Julianne Moore, Keith Blanchett, Kristen Stewart and many others. It is about these beauties, or rather about their outfits, now going to talk.

Kristen Stewart

The stars of the screen chose black dresses

Unlike the attire at the Costume Institute's Ball Costume, the Cannes Film Festival provides a dresscoat that is aimed at appearing in refined and restrained clothes. That is why on the red carpet of this event the viewer will not see a huge number of stones with which embroidered dresses, and some crazy ornaments. The first one I want to say about was the actress Penelope Cruz, who dressed in a black dress from the Givenchy Couture brand. The product had a two-layer basis of dense fabric and guipure, which was decorated with feathers. If we talk about the style of the dress, then here Cruz showed a fitted long bodice on thin straps and a long skirt with a train sewn from a large number of wedges. As for hairstyle and makeup, Penelope decided to make a restrained makeup with an eye focus and hair to dissolve. The only bright "highlight" of the image were elongated earrings from Swarovski, where the main element were massive rubies.

Penelope Cruz
Cruz in a black dress from the Givenchy Couture brand

48-year-old Cate Blanchett also chose a black outfit. At the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, the actress appeared in a dress from the fashion house Armani, in which she could be seen in 2014 year. The product was two-layered and consisted of a dense fabric, on top of which was laid a lace mesh. The dress had a fitted silhouette and a flared long skirt. The "highlight" of the product was an open back, which allowed everyone to admire the beautiful body of Blanchett. To this beautiful space, Kate wore chic massive earrings from the Chopard brand, put her hair in a careless bunch, and made her make-up in a natural color scheme.

Cate Blanchett
Kate in a dress from the fashion house Armani

Another representative of the world cinema Kristen Stewart appeared on the carpet in a black dress from the brand Chanel. Unlike the previous 2 dresses, Kristen's product had a shorter length and was made of chiffon and black ribbons, which were interesting to decorate the bodice and the skirt of the dress. To him, Stewart wore black high-heeled sandals, made an unusual ornate hairstyle and make-up of a black-and-blue smock in dark tones.

Kristen in a dress from brand Chanel
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Red dresses were also at the event

In addition to black dresses, famous actresses demonstrated products of another color range - these were exquisite red dresses. The first in such a dress to reporters appeared actress Julianne Moore. At the 57-year-old movie star, you could see a product from Givenchy Couture, which had a straight silhouette, a large incision behind and a cape decorated with feathers. To this, alongside Julianna wore red sandals on a platform and high heels and elongated Chopard brand earrings. As for hairstyle and make-up, the actress could see a tall bun on her head, and a bright make-up with red lipstick and black eyeliner on her face.

Julianne Moore
Moore in a Givenchy Couture dress

Another actress, who defiled in red dress, was Aria Albert Hargate. The woman wore a light chiffon dress with an interesting bodice and a long flying skirt with cuts on the sides. This garment was worn with a cloak, which was decorated with a beautiful lace. In addition to the amazing dress, Arai demonstrated massive earrings made of white metal, and similar bracelets, rings. As for the hairstyle, then the actress showed restraint, putting them in a neat bundle. The makeup was also very democratic and emphasized the natural beauty of Hargate.

Aria Albert Hargate