How to get rid of food moths?

Fighting a food moth is a technically simple process, it is enough just to know the reason for the appearance of an insect in the house and simple ways to remove it. So, where does the food moth come from and how does it look? The food moth is different from the dressed gray and smaller size, in addition, its appearance in the apartment, as a rule, begins with the kitchen. You can bring food moths along with bought cereal, dried fruits or sweets. Given that sanitary warehouses are far from always respected, it is not surprising that in loose and dry foods, moth larvae may appear.

How to destroy the food moth?

First of all, a good solution is to start storing cereals and other bulk products in glass containers with tight lids. A package of moths can gnaw and get out, but it will not find a way out of the glass jar. If you still find the moth larvae in the kitchen cupboard, then throw away all the old bags of groats, carefully wash the cupboard with soapy water and only then put new supplies in it, after packing them in a glass with a tight-fitting lid. A trap for food moth can be placed in the same cupboard, which you can buy at the hardware store. A well-known remedy against food moths, and a dressing too, is lavender. It can be fresh flowers, essential oil or special sprays and fragrances, abundantly presented among the assortment of any specialized store.

A good way to combat the food moth will be wiping cabinets, utensils and other kitchen furniture items with a solution of vinegar. Such treatment can be carried out a few days after the wet cleaning and elimination of spoiled products. Vinegar will help to cope with those larvae that you might miss at the first surface treatment.

Folk remedy for food moths

The most common folk remedy for moths is naphthalene. It is believed that he copes equally well with the clothing and food moth, however, it is worth noting that often there were cases when the substance did not exert a proper influence, and the mole continued to fly, as if nothing had happened. There is also an opinion that modern types of moths have already adapted to mothball and now it is not an effective means for fighting insects.

There is an opinion that the sharp smell of garlic prevents the appearance of moths in the apartment. What is noteworthy, when you place cloves of garlic in a container with cereals, its smell does not go to food. For the action of garlic, it is necessary to clean several denticles and spread them inside the kitchen cabinets and directly into cans or bags with bulk products.

How to prevent the appearance of moths?

The first and most important thing is to exclude the possibility of the larvae to leave the rump. If immediately after the acquisition, pour the croup into special containers, then the insects will not be able to leave the trap and continue to multiply. At the first signs of the appearance of larvae in the bank, all the rump should be thrown away, and the jar should be washed with soap. The same rule applies to sweets, dried fruits and other loose products suitable for feeding larvae.

The presence of lavender perfume sources in the kitchen cabinets will also serve you well. And the third, no less important rule - do not buy questionable packages with products. It is better to give preference to individually packaged products than to those sold on weight in the markets. Although it happens that larvae of moths appear in branded individual packages of bulk products, but still the probability of moths appearing in your house will significantly decrease.