How to choose the size of the bicycle frame for growth?

How to choose the size of the frame of a bicycle for growth - this issue can concern not only those who first acquire it, but also more experienced users of this vehicle of other models. The most important parameter in this case is the height of the frame.

How to choose the size of a bicycle frame?

Rostovka bike manufacturers are tied to the height of the bicycle frame. However on sale it is possible to meet set of various marks of bicycles, which frames will differ not only in height, but also on a configuration. The simplest models have only a few growths, others - more than a dozen. Orient in this case, you need a classic rostovku, meaning that it may have to be adjusted after a test trip.

The XS marking (13-14 inches) is suitable for human 130-155 cm, S (15-16 inches) - 145-165 cm, M (17-18 inches) - 155-180 cm, L (19-20 inches) - 170-185 cm, XL (21-22 inches) - 180-195 cm, XXL (23-24 inches) - 190-210 cm This variation is due to some features of the human body, when, for example, with high growth in a man's short legs , as well as individual habits and manner of riding. In any case - the customer can not do without adjusting the steering wheel and the seat.

How to increase the size of a bike?

One of the easiest ways to determine whether a bicycle is suitable for growth or not is to stand over its frame. The gap from the frame to the crotch should remain from 5 to 15 cm. The next step of the buyer is to sit in the saddle and assess the quality and comfort of the product. Do not interfere and test drive, which will show all the flaws and advantages of the bicycle.

For an active and extreme ride, experts recommend choosing a smaller bike, so you can improve maneuverability. A person with a lot of weight is better off getting the smaller possible bike, and for people of medium build and lean the maximum possible size will fit. With long arms and legs, you can buy a large bicycle , with short ones you should choose a small one.