Sports ball games

The most popular, most loved and hyperactive games have been used since time immemorial using the ball. Sports games with the ball were captured on the ancient Egyptian monuments, depicting people chasing, passing round a subject to each other. And really, the essence of almost any sports game using the ball-transfer, catch or hit the target, has remained relevant to this day.

Next were the ancient Greeks and Romans. At the first, by the way, with a ball played not only men, but also women. True, it concerned this innovation only of the progressive peoples of Sparta. And the Romans had even several categories of balls - pila, follis and paganica, and each has its own purpose.

Then, over the years, ball games improved - they began to invent mittens, shovels to beat the gear, etc.

Today, everything has taken even more serious turns: ball games, basically, have become commanding. And they are engaged not only for the sake of entertainment, but also professionally, devoting most of their time to this occupation. The reason for such popularization and universal love is easy to track - these games are very adventurous, so they encourage you to throw everything and kick your foot on the ball with the child's innocent smile.


There are even classifications of what kind of ball games are. Separation takes place taking into account the ultimate goal and method of achievement.

The first, the most popular category in the whole world, is games where goals are scored. Here, even the transfer will be superfluous - football, hockey, polo, basketball, handball (handball), push-ball and many others.

The least known game of this list is push-ball. The rules, like the performance itself, are quite amusing - the ball must be pushed on the field by team effort. The most surprising is the size of the ball - diameter 183 cm and weight 22.7 kg!

The second category is throwing the ball across the net. This is tennis, table tennis, volleyball, etc.

Third - here on the ball beat a special bat, so much so that the one who beats, managed to reach the goal before the ball landed. It's baseball, cricket and lapta. The latter is a traditional Russian game, where a rubber ball should be beaten with a wooden spatula.

Fourth category - the ball must hit the target, with the least number of approaches and the largest number of targets (targets) per strike. If it's easier - it's bowling , billiards, golf.

The fifth category is amazing games, where there are neither losers nor winners. Games, in fact, accustoming to the fact that the main thing is not victory, but participation. These games are popular in the east - chinlon (game from Burma) and temari (Japan).

Games for children

Parents of active and active children often wonder what ball games are, except those that have already become banal courtyard entertainment - football, volleyball and basketball.

We offer you several innovations:

  1. "Snake" - this game really teaches the basics of football. Here your children do not just roll the ball, but learn to drive it. It is necessary to draw a vertical line on the ground, at a distance of 1 m from each other and perpendicular to the line, it is necessary to arrange 10 items - pins, toys, cubes, etc. There should be two such lines if you are going to arrange a courtyard competition. The goal is simple - you need to hold the ball along the line, without losses.
  2. "Hit the target" - the essence of the game is to prepare the children for school standards, throwing the ball and the core. At the height of the eye level, you need to pull the rope and hang a round target on it - a diameter of 30 cm, the color as bright as possible. Children line up at a distance of 3 m, in front of them a basket with four tennis balls. The goal is to hit the maximum number of times in the target, and, you need to throw 4 times with each hand.