Skiing - what do you need for skiing?

Winter is not only the time for fairy-tale holidays. In the cold season everyone can learn what skiing is. To do this, you need to buy necessary equipment in advance and be patient. A lot of positive emotions and a charge of vivacity are guaranteed.

Alpine skiing - what is it?

Everyone knows that skiing is one of the winter sports, which provides for the descent from snow slopes on special skis. This is one of the most famous types of outdoor activities for many people around the world. He enjoys popularity in:

What is the development of skiing?

About the benefit of this winter sport is not known to every newcomer. Regular skiing activities are facilitated by:

Types of skiing and their characteristics

There are such types of skiing:

  1. Slalom - descent from the snow-capped mountains on skis along the route with a length of 450-500 m. The difference in altitude between the start and finish is 450-500 m.
  2. Giant slalom is a descent on skis along the route from one to one and a half kilometer.
  3. A supergiant is a more complex discipline. It is associated with a significant length of the route and significant differences in altitude.
  4. Alpine skiing - here the winner can be determined by results in several ways.

What do you need for skiing?

Everyone who dreams to try himself in this sport, is interested in what equipment will be needed for classes. To ski in the mountains was a joy, it is important to prepare in advance:

  1. Skiing for skiing . It is necessary to pick up skis in advance for the weight and height of the skier. In doing so, it will matter for what kind of ride the thing is meant for.
  2. Ski boots - it is important to give preference to comfortable shoes.
  3. Ski mask - designed to protect the eyes from strong wind, cold and snow. They issue universal ASCI, which can be suitable for men and women.
  4. Suit for skiers - it is better to choose membrane materials with high moisture resistance properties. Especially such clothes will be relevant for those who prefer carving in mountain skiing.

Alpine skiing - interesting facts

There are many interesting facts about skiing:

  1. German athlete Crystal Krantz was able to get a record number of victories. Seven times she managed to become a champion in the individual competition and five times in the all-around. At the Olympic Games, she won the gold medal in the overall standings.
  2. Austrian Tony Sailer became the champion among male athletes. He was named the winner seven times. Tony received four gold medals and won three competitions.
  3. Austrian Franz Klammer was named the winner twenty-five times in the competitions on downhill.
  4. Anna-Marie Moser-Prell from Austria sixty-two times became the winner in the individual competition.
  5. In the late nineteenth century, skiing began to use climbers during the ascent to the summit of the Alps.

Stars of skiing

Speaking about skiing, it is impossible not to name the names of athletes who went down in history:

  1. Tony Seiler is called one of the most famous athletes of the twentieth century. In 1951, the Austrian managed to be in the popular team. However, a year later the man broke his legs after the fall. Two years later, thanks to his willpower, he again got on skis. On his account he has seven medals of the Olympics.
  2. Tony Sailer

  3. Jean-Claude Killy in his childhood was a very painful child. When he grew up, failures often accompanied, but neither fractures nor other problems knocked him out of the way, and he reached the top in his favorite sport.
  4. Jean-Claude Killy

  5. Ingemar Stenmark the popularity of skiing also did not leave indifferent. In his active four sports awards, two of which are Olympic.
  6. Ingemar Stenmark

  7. Mark Girardelli was born in a skiing family, so the first and only coach in life was the Pope.
  8. Mark Girardelli