Kristen Stewart tried on herself in Cannes the role of "Personal Buyer"

Talented, bright, shocking. Kristen Stewart is one of those actresses who can not leave the viewer indifferent. Her or love at first sight, or criticized, mentioning the very first "triumphal" role in the saga of "Twilight". However, it should be noted that little Bella Swan has grown up a long time ago and managed to demonstrate her abilities in such diverse pictures as "Snow White and the Hunter", "On the Road" and "Zils-Maria". It was the director of the last film, Olivier Assayans called Kristen Stewart one of the most talented young actresses of the world scale! How do you like this praise?

Without philosophizing slyly, the French cinematographer invited his favorite to another project - the mystical drama "Personal Buyer". His premiere took place at the Cannes Film Festival on a recent day.

Assayans admitted that the script was written individually "under Miss Stewart." Here's how!

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About the world of fashion and ghosts

In the plot of the picture, the heroine Stewart is a personal stylist with paranormal abilities. She not only knows how to pick out the outfits, but also to communicate with the souls of the deceased.

Let us note that Monsieur Assayans brings his film to Cannes for the fifth time. The film was not too warmly received by the public, which can not be said of the exquisitely dressed Kristen Stewart at the premiere of the film.

At the defile on the red carpet the girl wore a mini-dress Chanel from the new summer collection. The choice of the actress is not accidental, because she is connected by an old friendship with Karl Lagerfeld, and in 2015 Stewart played Mademoiselle Coco herself in the short film Once and Forever.