Singing fountains in Moscow

Moscow is a huge metropolis, in which there is a huge number of places where you can spend an interesting time: parks, circuses, museums, exhibitions, etc. One of the attractions is a whole show of dancing (or singing) fountains in Moscow (by the way, in Barcelona and Dubai also have their singing fountains), which you will learn about in this article.

Circus of dancing fountains in Moscow

There are several circuses in the Russian capital, but there are only one fountain - Aquamarine , located at: ul. Melnikova, 7. To get there, take the metro to the station "Proletarskaya" and walk about 10-15 minutes along the 1st Dubrovskaya street. Visiting the circus of dancing fountains "Aquamarine", you will see not only a musical show of fountains flowing with different colors, but also a circus performance, which takes place not only in the arena, but also on the ice rink. Before each performance and after it for 1.5 hours, the Circus Carnival passes, during which each visitor can take a picture with his favorite artist and receive 1 free photo for memory and a portion of a tasty ice cream.

The combination of beautiful performances of artists, beautiful music and extravaganza of dancing fountains leaves only positive impressions about visiting the circus "Aquamarine".

Park musical fountains in Moscow

In Moscow, many fountains: small, large, but increasingly popular objects using additional effects: the movement of water under music or lighting. The largest light and music fountain is located in the zone of Tsaritsynsky Reserve - Catherine II's favorite vacation spot. It was opened in 2007 in a natural pond inside the island in the shape of a horseshoe. In diameter, this fountain is 55 meters high, its depth is about 1.5 meters, it consists of over 900 jets. Changing the direction of flowing water and changing the color accompaniment to the music is controlled by a computer, according to a pre-programmed program. In total 4 works are used here: 2 from PI Tchaikovsky's repertoire ("Waltz of Flowers" and "March") and two melodies by Paul Moriah.

To the great regret of the citizens and guests of Moscow, this beautiful dancing fountain works only in the warm season, and from autumn to the onset of heat in the spring it stands covered by a frameless protective tent.

Another fountain moving to Moscow is located in Gorky Park . But you can listen to music and see its "dance" only at certain hours: 12.00, 15.00, 18.00 and 20.30. If you want to see more and the lighting effects of this fountain, you should come to him at 22.30. Each time the duration of the performance is 30 minutes.

To the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War in 1945 near the metro station "Kuzminki" on the Square of Glory was equipped with the fountain "Music of Glory" . This structure was created to a greater extent not for entertainment, but as a monument. It is divided into several main parts:

During the presentation, it seems that the fountain mourns the dead and celebrates the victory simultaneously.

It works in 2 modes: normal (without light and musical accompaniment) and festive, specially for which several scenarios of water actions and changes in its color were developed: "Battle", "Lamentation", "Salute of Victory" and "Military Waltz" .