Spit spike - all versions of fashionable weaving

Among the variety of female hairstyles, the braid of spikelets is rightfully considered one of the most popular. Appearing in ancient times, it still does not lose its relevance and at any time it looks fashionable and stylish. It is much easier to braid such a braid than it may seem at first glance, without resorting to the help of a master.

Scythe spike - how to weave?

Often, you can meet the classic version of the spike - the simplest in performance, but if you like in every possible way mutable. Beginners in creating hairstyles are advised to start with this type of weaving, and at first it is better to try not on yourself, but on another person or on a mannequin. Before you braid the scythe, master the technique of doing this hairstyle, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with some secrets that will help to facilitate the process and get a beautiful result. So, remember the following:

  1. A neat, elegant braid will come from thin strings, and from large - a three-dimensional.
  2. To curls do not crumble, you can first sprinkle them with water or apply a little styling products (mousse, gel).
  3. To make the weaving not wrapped sideways, it is necessary to separate the strands of equal thickness.
  4. To avoid the appearance of "roosters", each strand must be combed and tightened.
  5. Small "cocks" are easily removed by means of a comb with small teeth.

Braid spike braiding step by step

It takes about 10-20 minutes to perform the hairstyle in question, depending on the length of the hair, their density and structure. From the first time, it is difficult to determine the optimal width and degree of tightening of the buckles, but already in the second-third attempt it is possible without much effort. Consider how to create a spit of spikelets step by step, with a detailed description and illustration of each stage:

  1. Combing her hair and combing it back, separate a wide strip in the middle at the base of the forehead or on the crown.
  2. Divide the selected part of the hair into three identical bundles, then first start the right with the middle one on top and then the left one also with the middle curl (as in the braiding of an ordinary braid). These manipulations can be performed with one left hand.
  3. Continue the weaving by adding a little hair to the already selected right hair with the corresponding part of the head and cross them with the middle beam.
  4. Pull the central beam to the right and, keeping the strands separately, hold them with your right hand.
  5. Acting like the paragraph 3, add a part of the hair to the lateral left strand from the left part of the head of hear.
  6. To make the left strand overlap to the center, move the center of the construction to the left side.
  7. Repeat the described actions and weave the braid until the end of the hair growth, fix it with a rubber band, leaving the tail or weaving braids from the loose locks (ordinary, fish tail).

Spit spike on the contrary

Having mastered weaving braids of spikelets in the traditional style, you can try to diversify your image with other variations of this stylish hairstyle. Very interesting and effective looks weave, created in reverse order, as if inside out. In this case, the braid turns out to be convex, looks as if it is woven from the bottom to the top. The general algorithm of creation is identical to the performance of a classic three-spike spike: the separation and alternation of the braces is the same, but the direction of motion changes - the lateral strands are not placed on top, but from the central one.

Spike - French spit

It is believed that the ear of the ancient Egyptians wove themselves, and in the European territory the French were the first to master this technique. Therefore spikelets are also called the French scythe . It is worth adding that this hairstyle is universal, suitable for women of any age and for a variety of occasions. In addition, French braids can be performed not only on long, but also on medium hair. Since it is problematic to braid a scythe for herself for some girls, it is recommended that you first collect the hair in a high pony tail.

The spit

Do not allow to go unnoticed at any event variation of the hairdo spike braid, in the performance of which the strands are intertwined not tight. Especially attractive and luxuriously looks such a hairstyle on streaked hair, and when creating spit spikes on long hair that does not differ in density, it helps to create the effect of curvy locks. For this, everything is only required after weaving to apply a simple technique, consisting in the symmetric stretching of the strands on the sides, starting from the bottom. To fix the result, you can use invisibility and varnish.

Spit fish tail spikelet

This type of weaving is relatively time-consuming, but the result justifies all efforts. To make a fish tail is desirable on straight hair, and if they are curly and naughty, you should first use an iron. When weaving from two equal parts of the hair, you must alternately choose from each side on a thin strand and cross them. Mandatory condition: the bundles should be thin and equal in thickness.

Even more extravagant and brightly look two braids spike, which can be left hanging on the shoulders or put together. When creating such a hairdo, the hair is first divided into two parts, and then the braids alternate in the same way as in the case of one spikelet. 2 braids spike - a variation of the weave, which will perfectly complement the romantic and playful image.