The vernal equinox - rituals and rituals, how to celebrate?

A unique phenomenon of nature and the beginning of astrological spring is the spring equinox. This day is mystical, and it has a tremendous energy that can be used for good. There are different superstitions, traditions and rituals that were formed in antiquity.

In which month is the vernal equinox observed?

The astronomical beginning of spring and autumn (the autumnal equinox) allocate a time span, which is called a tropical year. It is used to measure time, and it consists of approximately 365.2 solar days, so every year the event falls at different times. Describing the date of the spring equinox, it is worth pointing out that this phenomenon falls on the 20th of March.

Another unique day, which accounts for the spring equinox - day and night in all countries last an equal amount of time. For a long time people have been believing that different mystical manifestations are connected with this unique natural phenomenon. When the day is equally divided into light and darkness, the nature is renewed. This day was honored with special force in the pagan faith.

The spring equinox in the Slavs

There are several versions of how the Slavic people called this holiday: Red Hill, Great Day, Krasnogor and Komoditsa. There are different traditions associated with it: people led round dances, danced and held feasts.

  1. On the table there were always a lot of treats, among which there was a batch in the form of figures of larks, pancakes and treats with the symbols of the sun. The Slavs did not drink alcoholic beverages.
  2. On the day of the spring equinox, the holiday of the Slavs was accompanied by feeding grain and crumbs on a hill of birds, because they personified the souls of dead people.
  3. According to another tradition, a burning wheel, decorated with bright ribbons, was rolling down from the mountain, which symbolized a new sun and the arrival of the spring goddess.
  4. At the spring equinox the Slavs used to ride on rope swings for fun and burned dolls made of straw in the bonfires, wishing for many years, prosperity and a rich harvest. To give gods to the fire, they threw grain, and to purify the soul it was necessary to jump through the fire.

Spring Equinox in Scandinavians

Their traditions for the celebration in honor of the spring equinox were with the Scandinavians, for example, they were obliged to play games with weapons and military fights. The point of the spring equinox was associated with ritual battles between winter and spring. It is worth noting that in the 16th century the Scandinavians were also popular in dressing, so they wore animal masks and played various games. The Germans have a spring equinox called the Fastnacht (part of the celebration until the Shrove week) and Fasching (three days before the "ashy environment").

Spring equinox in Japan

Absolutely different meaning has this day in Japan, where it is confined to the Buddhist tradition of Higan. The celebration begins a little earlier than the holiday of the vernal equinox - about three days before and last three days after. For the Japanese, this time is very important, because everyone must necessarily go to the grave of their ancestors and pray there. Women to the vernal equinox carry out general cleaning in the house and in the tomb (on the grave) of relatives. The Japanese have another important tradition - a festive dinner, during which only vegan dishes are on the table.

Spring equinox - rites and rituals

The Gentiles had many traditions and rituals related to fertility, the coming of spring and the new year. Traditionally, there was a celebration with dances and songs. Required food - pancakes, symbolizing the sun. Popular rituals for the vernal equinox:

  1. One of the symbols of this day is an egg, painted in strips or with a pattern of sun and earth.
  2. In ancient times, people necessarily repelled wild animals, using for this purpose the impact of loud sounds. Why bells, and even an ordinary metal pelvis.
  3. Tradition in antiquity on the vernal equinox was to go to the bathhouse to wash off all bad things.
  4. In Bulgaria and Slovakia, a ritual was conducted to scare away the snakes from their homes. To do this, they burned garbage near the houses, throwing it around the house, and then they walked around the building and beat them in clapper.

Rituals on the day of the vernal equinox on love

Lonely girls on this holiday can attract love, for which the ritual is performed. For him, you need to prepare a hairpin, earring, ring or something like that, the main thing is that this thing every day is close. Rituals on the day of the vernal equinox are conducted according to a certain scheme, and for this ritual it is:

  1. Light the candles and set them so that they are both on the left and right side. It is best to conduct the ceremony in the nude.
  2. First tell the conspiracy number 1, take the selected object and bring it close to the lips. Tell him the plot number 2, repeating twice. Then always carry this item with you.

Rituals on the day of the spring equinox for money

To fix your financial situation, it is recommended to release the contents from the egg and wrap it with money of any dignity. After that, bury it in front of your house or in a flower pot. It will be a talisman to attract money to yourself. There are other rituals on the day of the vernal equinox, for example, rite with the use of salt. Before sunrise, take a pinch of salt and tell her a plot. After that, eat it, and in half a year it will be possible to notice that the financial situation has improved.

Ritual on health - vernal equinox

The energy of this holiday can be used to get rid of health problems and to protect yourself from various negatives from the side. When the date of the vernal equinox is known, you can plan a ritual, which is done like this:

  1. Before the sun comes out, go outside, outside your home. With you, if possible, take honey and a salad of well-salted bread.
  2. In the open area, face up to the sunrise, and when the sun starts to rise, you must begin to read the plot by putting your feet to the width of your shoulders and spreading your arms to the sides.
  3. The palms should be set to the sun to absorb its energy. Imagine how the body is saturated with molten gold.
  4. The conspiracy must be repeated three times. To complete the ritual, express gratitude to the sun and the Higher Powers. Leave the gifts brought.
  5. If there is no way to conduct a ritual on the street, then do the ritual at the east window so that you can see the sun. Gratitude is recommended to put on the street under any tree.

Spring equinox - rituals for luck

The rite should be conducted solely in solitude and for it one should prepare thin candles of black and white color, and also a pot of soil, pea seeds and coins. In order to attract good luck for the whole year, it is recommended at sunrise or sunset, to hold such a ritual:

  1. Candles need to be interwoven with each other, but if they are not soft, then tie them with a rope twisted from a black and white thread. During this it is necessary to speak the plot presented below.
  2. Rituals for the vernal equinox begin with meditation , so, you need to light the candles and relax. For some time you sit in silence, trying to get rid of bad thoughts.
  3. Take the seeds of peas and tell them all your desires, plans and strategies.
  4. At the bottom of the pot, pour in the coins, sprinkle them with earth and plant the seed seeds. Pour and put in a convenient place. Sprouting seeds will fill the house with luck, helping to fulfill desires.

Day of the Vernal Equinox - signs

On this holiday it is forbidden to think about the bad, because it is believed that at this time by force of thought you can change your destiny. Signs on the vernal equinox indicate that at this time people should control their emotions so as not to face the setbacks in life. Popular superstitions include:

  1. In the old days it was customary to cook cookies and other pastries in the form of larks, which was a symbol and a talisman of the holiday. It was believed that if this day to eat a pie in the form of a lark, you can attract health for a whole year.
  2. If the day of the spring equinox is sunny, summer will be warm and fertile. When the rain and overcast, it is expected that another 40 days will be cold.
  3. See how larks arrive - a harbinger of warm spring.

How to meet the vernal equinox?

In this holiday it has long been customary to give other people gifts, receiving in return gratitude and positive energy. There are several traditions, how to celebrate the day of the spring equinox:

  1. Express gratitude to nature for its gifts and it can be done in different forms, for example, by bringing some gift or simply by saying "thank you".
  2. Do for others something pleasant, but only with a pure heart. You can bake some treats or invite relatives to dinner. When a person gives something, he participates in the process of natural exchange of energy.
  3. Finding out how to celebrate the spring equinox, it is worth giving one more tip - touch the nature. For example, you can do some kind of ritual or just walk alone in the park or in the forest to get a charge of energy