Ilon Mask expressed admiration for Kanye West and predicted the outbreak of World War III

The idol of millions gave an interview during the participation in the SXSW festival in Texas Austin. Ilon Mask told about the people who inspire him, the space campaign, designed to save humanity from the Third World War. Who was the first in the legendary list and how does the millionaire plan to save humanity? Which of the interviews should be taken as a joke, and what's serious?

Creator SpaceX admires the American rapper

The man who manages space projects and is already engaged in organizing the flight of man to Mars, struck all those present at the festival with confessions and predictions.

The first shock and a surprised exclamation from the viewers, caused the answer to the Mask question about people who admire and inspire him. You, probably, like many thought about his mother or historical personalities? No, Ilon Mask did not hesitate to name Kanye West.

Note that this is not the first time that Mask openly expressed sympathy and admiration for the musician. In 2015, Kanye West was among the hundred most influential people according to the American tabloid Time. Despite the fact that the statement of Mask was widely perceived as irony and a joke, many considered his words more than serious.

According to Mask, the musician has a set of leadership qualities that make him constantly improve:

"This guy has always believed in himself and his strength, his tenacity can only be envied. Only West's self-confidence made him who he is now. Is he worthy to be on the list of the most influential people? And you ask him, I'm sure he will answer yes. This is a person who is constantly on the lookout, he acts, he puts questions, he constantly goes beyond the limits of the possible. He demands the same from others. "
Musk considers the rapper an intelligent and integral person

The colonization of Mars and the search for a shelter on the moon

Ilon Mask pessimistically looks at history, predicting to mankind "dark times" and the Third World War. How does the millionaire plan to save civilization? It turns out that he relies on the colonization of the Moon and Mars, and is already preparing a plan for mastering the planets! If you have decided that this will not happen soon, then you are deeply mistaken, as early as 2019 the first tests of the ship will take place. The new SpaceX BFR rocket should land on the Red Planet and conduct full-scale research early next year.

Already now, Mask thinks about the issues of social and civil development of the colony and claims that relations will be based on direct democracy. New laws will be approved only after the consent of 60% of citizens, and obsolete laws are canceled due to consensus and voting.

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