The Swedish wall for children

In the modern world almost every house has a computer, TV, DVD-player. All this, no doubt, makes our life comfortable. But at the same time we pay less attention to physical exercises and sports. This is especially true of children, which are almost impossible to tear off from watching cartoons or computer games that affect consciousness. But it is very important to take care of strengthening health in childhood. Physical loads strengthen the immunity of the child, relieve him of unnecessary soreness. All parents will agree with this. However, many can say that they can not buy a modern trainer, and there is no possibility to drive a child into the hall. But this is not necessary at all. Children's Swedish walls, installed at home, can come to the rescue.

Choose a wall

If your child is a little over a year old, the optimal solution will be a wooden Swedish wall for children. It is advantageously distinguished by bright colors and pleasant to the touch. The main material for such walls is pine and oak, which is the key to the environmental friendliness of the product. In addition, on the wooden steps the child will not easily slip. But still buying an additional mat will not be superfluous and will give you a fair amount of peace of mind for your child. At the worst, instead of a mat, the old mattress, placed under the wall, is also suitable. A good Swedish wall for small children is made without acute angles, which can injure the child. A significant advantage will be the envisaged possibility of adding additional simulators. It can be a rope, gymnastic rings, bars or a bench. Also, when buying this simulator it is best to take one that is designed for the greatest weight. After all, children have the ability to grow rapidly. And you probably will not want to change the children's Swedish wall for your apartment every few years. The solution to this problem can be the purchase of a metal Swedish wall for your children. It is not as safe as wood, and therefore it is recommended to buy it for older children. When buying a metal simulator, you should choose the one whose crossbeams will be covered with anti-slip material. Plus, the metal Swedish wall, of course, can be considered the opportunity to engage in it to all family members, since it is designed for large loads. Both the wooden and metal Swedish walls are very compact. Unlike cumbersome simulators, the Swedish wall in the interior of the children's room looks very pretty and causes children to have fun and a desire to play it.

Installation Recommendations

Despite the compact size of the Swedish wall for children, the choice of installation site should be approached with special care. You should provide options for exercises that your child will perform, and place the wall so that their implementation nothing hindered. Separately, you need to provide an option with hinged swings, which can be immediately in the kit or purchased separately. For your own peace of mind it is desirable to fix the Swedish wall in three planes - floor, wall, ceiling. This is especially true for metal walls. You can not mount the machine to the walls of gypsum board. Only to a strong reinforced concrete or brick base. To install the walls will become an obstacle and suspended ceilings.

Adhering to these recommendations, you will be able to choose for your children the best variant of the Swedish wall, choose the location of its placement and reliably fix it. Children will happily perform exercises on it not only in the form of classes, but also simply playing. The foundation of their healthy life will be laid from a young age.