Jewelery Fashion - Trends and New Directions

To reincarnate from the faceless gray mouse in a luxurious secular lion women are helped by the jewelry fashion. Ornaments have a remarkable ability to change, revitalize the appearance, make it vivid, original, bring a zest to the image.

Jewelry - Fashion

Designers in the coming year in many ways entrusted the representatives of the fair sex the formation of their casket. Jewelry fashion is democratic - it allows you to wear completely different jewelry. You can wear rings, bracelets, earrings of all shapes and sizes - if only they would go alongside. Gold has not yet returned to its former positions, while silver still remains in the favorites, and decorations made of plastic, leather , natural stones , and semi-precious metals are relevant.

Permissiveness of choice is limited by the fact that costume jewelry and jewelry should not have a cheap, boring appearance. Only quality, beautiful products should have fashionable women. It offers jewelry fashion rings - elegant and large, bracelets - massive and in the form of chains, pendants, beads, diadems, many of which are decorated with beautiful clean stones.

What jewelry is now in vogue?

To complement outfits simply, it is important only to get acquainted with trends in time. Fashionable jewelry is represented by such products:

  1. The rings fit every woman, give her charm. Depending on your style and age, you can choose models that are elegant or bulky.
  2. Shapes of earrings will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding young lady. Leadership keeps earring chains , they come on the heels of the earring-brush, and earrings with gems.

It is fashionable to wear several thin rings on the hands, beautifully look double rings, connected by a chain, elegant ring are high rings that cover most of the finger.

Fashion Jewelry Brands

Guru in the field of beauty and everything associated with her, updated their collections:

  1. Brand Cartier boasted decorations in the art deco style, made of luxurious platinum with sparkling rare yellow diamonds. Jewelers also used in their creations pearl, emerald.
  2. On the red carpet, it was impossible not to pay attention to the wonderful little things from David Webb. One of the favorites in the fasion industry draws the attention of connoisseurs to the massive products with bright, large stones.
  3. Exquisite, light jewelry presented to the girls in his romantic collection of Coco Rosa.

Fashionable jewelry houses have shown curious beautiful products designed for summer, winter, off-season. In them there are floral, geometric, abstract patterns, ethnic motifs, metal is combined with enamel, crystals attract eyes. All of them are very different, but they are united by their creative approach, non-triviality of performance, gravitation towards texture, roughness, and openwork.

Interesting in jewelry fashion

The word "attractiveness" is interpreted in its own way. The opinions of the jewelers a little dispersed, and this played into the hands of young ladies - they, after studying jewelry trends, can choose a thing that subtly reflects the individual style of each of the fairer sex.

The chips of the jewelry fashion are:

New trends in jewelry fashion

Designers, constantly looking for fresh solutions, offered a lot of new products. The jewelry fashion week was not without their demonstration - avant-garde, futurism, retro in the hands of the masters acquire wonderful, unexpected outlines. 3D-format and jewelry fashion until recently did not overlap. But sometime this should have happened. Brand New & W showed how the skin takes the format of a three-dimensional image. Young and famous designers annually prepare their best works for Estet Fashion Week. In the outgoing year, the title of the best jewelry collection was given to the Escada brand.

Fashion Trends in Fashion

Bijouterie and jewelry, like the whole fashion, gravitate towards naturalness, naturalness. Valuable light, transparent stones, non-artful colors. In the price of femininity and romanticism, elegance, sometimes bordering on expressiveness. Become neighbors simplicity and originality, luxury and minimalism. In the jewelry world, there are clean styles, and eclecticism . Among many novelties and classic solutions, fashion trends in jewelry highlight brooches. This item, not appearing long on women's clothing, is worn not only on the chest and near the neck. Brooches adorn bags, hats, scarves, fur coats. Ornaments are painted on things not in a single copy, they are worn by women of fashion on several pieces, combined with large buttons, earrings, rings.