Winter fairy tales for children

Winter is the most amazing and magical time of the year, partly because it is this season that we celebrate the most magical holiday - the New Year . In winter poems, films and fairy tales, songs are dedicated. Every second fairy tale, one way or another, affects this time of year.

Loving mothers are happy to tell or read fairy tales to their children, and rightly, as it allows to develop children's imagination, teaches them goodness, honesty, mutual assistance. Below is a list of short stories that can not be ignored.

List of the best winter fairy tales for children

  1. "Snow Maiden" (folklore). This is a story about a girl from ice and snow, which magically appeared in a childless old man and an old woman and melted from the heat or the spring sun.
  2. "Morozko" (Russian folklore). This narration perfectly teaches the children the correct behavior and kindness; it can have many different options, but in all there must necessarily be an evil stepmother, her own daughter and stepdaughter.
  3. "The Snow Queen" (G.Kh. Andersen). This is a complicated author's story, the meaning of which is rather difficult to explain to a small child, because even Kaya can not be called an unequivocally positive hero.
  4. "Twelve Months" (Slovak folklore in the retelling of S.Ya. Marshak) is a good tale about helping one's neighbor, friendship and kindness.
  5. "Winter in Prostokvashino" (E. Uspensky) is a well-known and beloved film adaptation of history.
  6. "Magic winter" (T. Wagner) - a story about Moomins, one of which did not sleep in winter as it should, but survived a lot of adventures, amazing meetings and even a merry holiday.
  7. "Planet of New Year's trees" (J. Rodari) is a fairy tale about the planet, where the year lasts only 6 months, and in each of them no more than 15 days, and every day - New Year.
  8. "Chuk and Huck" (AP Gaidar) - the action takes place in the winter. This story is considered by many to be one of the brightest and most domestic.
  9. "Magic colors" (E. Permyak).
  10. "Elka" (VG Suteev) - based on this story, an instructive animated film "The Snowman-Postman" was created.
  11. "How I Met the New Year" (V. Golyavkin).
  12. "Bengal lights" (N. Nosov).
  13. "Like a hedgehog, a bear cub and a donkey greeted the New Year" (S. Kozlov)
  14. "New Year's story" (N. Losev)
  15. "New Year" (NP Wagner)
  16. "Why the snow is white" (A. Lukyanov)

A Tale of Winter for Children of Your Own Composition

If you want to take your child with something useful and interesting in one of the cold evenings, then you can come up with a fairy tale about the winter with your son or daughter. This is sure to be a memorable and fruitful pastime, because children love to fantasize, and the more they like to do it together with their parents.

To compose a fairy tale about the winter is not difficult. The main thing is to give free rein to the imagination. It is not necessary to correct the child, if in his writing he goes a little wrong way. Let him feel like a real storyteller. Do not forget to reflect the problem or the meaning of your fiction, show the struggle between good and evil, emphasize the need to choose the right path. Do not include in it frightening or very negative heroes - let everything be as bright and kind as possible, that after you and your baby would like to retell your work many times to all those who are not indifferent to your joint creativity.

If you have already prepared a jointly created winter fairy tale, the drawings of children will help express it, remember it, supplement it. Ask your child to paint how he imagines what you just wrote. You can help him in this, suggest or recall some important moments of the story. Surely, you will have an amazing presentation of your masterpiece.