The shape of the abdomen during pregnancy

A woman wearing a baby's heart eagerly awaits the time when it will be possible to determine the sex of the baby. But not always ultrasound research provides an answer to this burning question for a number of reasons - too short a period, the child turned around in the wrong direction, and so on.

Long since the correct sign of the definition of sex was the shape of the abdomen during pregnancy by a boy or girl. After all, it is known that all mammies differ in appearance. Let's find out whether it's worth to trust the signs, and what this form actually shows.

The form of the abdomen during pregnancy by a boy

It is said that mothers expecting a boy have an acute, usually low-lying tummy. If you look at such a pregnant woman from behind, there will not be any noticeable position, since she does not blur her waist and the barrel.

The shape of the abdomen when a girl is pregnant

In the people it is believed that girls take away from their mother a part of beauty. This is expressed in a blurred waist, fat deposits on the sides and a round tummy that resembles a ball. The stomach can have even a slightly uneven, square shape - all this speaks in favor of the girl inside it. In addition, my mother becomes more round face and somewhat spoiled appearance, especially in the last trimester.

What actually determines the shape of the abdomen during pregnancy?

Physicians refute all sorts of folk signs relating to the relationship between sex and the shape of the abdomen of the future mother. Large moms, who had excess weight before pregnancy, always have a round belly, and slender, on the contrary, small and pointed. In addition, if a small child grows up inside such a small abdomen, then it will not be round in any way.

In addition to the dimensions of the pregnant, the shape of the abdomen affects the position of the baby inside - it can be straight, transverse or oblique. The last two cases will give a round, wide tummy. In addition, if the child is incorrectly located (head up), then the stomach looks rounder and higher, as if "on a girl." Polyhydramnios are often a round abdomen, and low water, on the contrary, is small and sharp.

If a woman has a narrow pelvis or problems with the lower spine, then most often she will have a bulging pointed tummy. Do not forget about the placenta - its front position smoothes the shape of the abdomen, giving it a roundness.