The Chicago style of the 30s

According to many stylists, the concept of glamor has developed far not in our days. This term dates back to the distant 30-ies in the gangster Chicago. It was at that time that women began to dress more frankly, while demonstrating sexuality, attractiveness and charm. Chicago's style of the 1930s is femininity, elegance and refinement, striding in step with determination, self-confidence and dazzling.

How to dress in the style of Chicago?

If you are thinking how to dress in the style of Chicago, then there is nothing easier than choosing a beautiful dress, typical for that time. That dress was a turning point in fashion for women of the 30s and the main attribute of clothes in the style of Chicago. In the 30s of the last century, this most feminine element of clothing rose in length above the knee, and the long sleeve was replaced by thin straps or completely bare shoulders. Also, the dress style of the 30's in Chicago was characterized by a low waistline and the presence of a rich decor in the form of fringe, sequins, beads and other shiny decorations. The most popular were models with bare back and a large neckline in the decollete zone. In this dress, the girl could not help but attract attention, which all women of that time sought. However, long graceful styles of dresses still remained in the evening fashion of the 30s.

Together with a smart dress, women of the 30s necessarily used stylish accessories. The head of the girls was decorated with an original hat or bandage, and on the neck often featured a fur boa and long pearls a few turns. But the most striking difference of women of fashion of that time was the mouthpiece. Smoking among women as never was in vogue in the 30s in Chicago.

Shoes in the style of Chicago

Of course, denuding his slender legs, it was necessary to put on the appropriate shoes. Shoes in the style of Chicago is convenient and practical. A low heel and a leg-fixing model were characteristic for shoes of that time.