Cutlets for hamburger

Do not say anything, but the main thing in a hamburger is a cutlet. Juicy and tasty cutlet makes a simple sandwich culinary delicacy and that your burgers turned out delicious among the entire range of dishes on barbecue, we will share with you some recipes for cooking the right cutlets.

How to make a cutlet for a hamburger?

Before embarking on specific recipes, it is worth noting several important details in the general theory of burger making. Firstly, the juicy burger consists of chopped, not twisted meat, and before molding, minced meat should be carefully discarded so that the fibers soften and the meat turns soft and juicy.

It should also be taken into account that the minced meat itself is pure minced meat, in which it is not necessary to add bread bread, eggs or milk, as in the usual cutlets. Even salt and pepper should be sprinkled already on the formed cutlet from above, and not directly into stuffing.

Now let's talk about how to fry the cutlets for hamburgers . This is very simple: on a dry grill, or a frying pan we put cutlets and fry them until golden crust and the desired degree of readiness. If you are preparing a cheeseburger, then in the last minute of cooking put a piece of cheese on the cutlet and cover the frying pan with a lid.

Recipe for beef burger for hamburger



So, before cooking, minced meat is beaten about the table once 5-7. We pass garlic and onions through a meat grinder and mix it with minced meat. We divide all the minced meat into equal portions - future cutlets and roll into balls. Now we give the cutlets the necessary shape by simply squashing them with the palms of their hands. With a similar purpose, you can also use a wide culinary ring. Cutlets put on a plate, or baking tray and sent to the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes. Chilled cutlets seasoned with salt and pepper on both sides.

Preheat the frying pan, or grill. If you want to give the cutlets a beautiful glossy shine - then grab a bottle of barbecue sauce with them, and grease them with a cutlet every time you turn it over to the other side.

How to cook a chicken cutlet for a hamburger?



Onion is passed through a meat grinder and mixed with minced meat from chicken fillet . We add a little oil in the mince and form the cutlets. Season the patties with salt and pepper and fry until done.