How to teach a child to eat a spoon on his own - the best tips for young parents

As children grow, they try to do many things without the participation of adults. One of the first skills of self-service and at the same time an important stage in development is the ability to self-eat with a spoon. It is no less responsible for parents, who should think about how to teach a child to eat with a spoon alone.

At what age can you give a baby a spoon?

First we will understand, when to give the child a spoon in hands. Before the child learns the skill of self-using a spoon, he should get acquainted with this tool and study it. For the first time, it is possible to hold the cutlery already at the age of six months, when the crumb already sits well with support, and especially if there is a need to introduce the first complementary foods .

It is important to tell the child that a spoon is needed in order to eat, to give him a clear idea that this is not an object for the game. At first, when feeding, you can use two spoons - one to feed, and another to allow the baby to work as he or she wants. In this case, you should adhere to the rule of using a spoon only during meals and not give it to your child at another time.

When to teach a child to eat with a spoon yourself?

Autonomy in the process of eating appears in the child when he starts to eat cookies, crackers. Then follow the attempts to take food from the plate by hands, for which in no case it can not be scolded. When the baby is already able to confidently take and hold objects between two fingers, it is permissible to start teaching him how to use the spoon correctly. This occurs in about 7-8 months.

One of the main signs that the carapace is ready to use the spoon itself is the desire to take it from an adult. Then you need to give the baby a spoon with food and help him to direct her into the mouth. At first, when the child himself eats with a spoon, extra efforts are added for cleaning in the kitchen, washing, with which it is necessary to reconcile and, having gained patience, to pass this stage. The speed of mastering the skill of self-intake of food from a spoon is different for all children, but in most cases already by the age of 1-1.5 years they skillfully use the first cutlery.

Spoons for feeding children

Of no small importance in the matter of how to teach a child to eat with a spoon alone, has what device is offered to crumbs. The first spoon for the baby should be safe, light, roomy, and easy to grip handle. One should know that spoons with long thin handles are not suitable for use by a child, but are intended only for feeding by parents.

Spoons for children are presented in a wide range, made of different materials, have different colors and can be decorated with colorful drawings that attract attention and make the meal more interesting. Consider the main types of spoons that can be used by babies:

How to teach a child to properly hold a spoon?

Difficulties for many arise in the question of how to teach a child to keep the spoon correctly. It is worthwhile to understand that at this age the crumb still can not hold the spoon with his fingers, so he takes it into the fist. In this there is nothing to worry about, and eventually he will learn everything. Therefore, in the beginning, it is only necessary to help a little baby with a spoon, directing its handle to the plate and to the mouth.

In order for a child to develop faster coordination of movements, it is important to devote more time to games for the development of motor skills. For example, an excellent training for success in the kitchen can be a game in the sandbox with a shovel. Invite the baby to "feed" from the spoon (or spatula) favorite toys. It is useful drawing with crayons or pencils, playing with clapped hands.

How to teach a child to take food from a spoon?

If it is customary to arrange joint meals in a family, then problems with how to teach a child to eat with a spoon are essentially absent. Caraboys like to copy the behavior of adults, therefore, looking at their parents, they will try to use cutlery for their intended purpose. It is not necessary during a meal to distract a child with something else (cartoons, toys, etc.). It is important to accustom him to using a spoon when he really experiences hunger, which will be a good incentive.

How to teach a child to eat with a spoon alone?

A prerequisite for success in deciding how to teach a child is the spoon itself is the concerted action of all family members. For example, it is unacceptable when a mother tries to instill a self-service skill in a crumb, and the grandmother feeds it from a spoon. The longer a child is protected from trial and error, the later he will gain independence, and not only with food intake. Therefore, it is worth discussing with the household members in advance the question of how to teach a child to eat with a spoon.

A child knows how to eat with a spoon, but does not want

In the question of how to teach a small child to eat with a spoon alone, another difficulty may arise - the baby refuses to use a spoon and eats with his hands or requires that adults feed him. At the same time, one should realize that it is impossible to press on the baby and to force him, to achieve one can be achieved only through patience and benevolence. If the child does not want to eat from a spoon, you can try to apply such techniques:

  1. Invite the baby to choose for himself a beautiful spoon in the store.
  2. Attend children's groups, where children eat their own spoons.
  3. Instead of a spoon give another device - a special children's fork.