What kind of shoes to wear with a coat?

Once again, a new autumn season has come, and it's time to purchase an upper warmed wardrobe. All fashion boutiques and markets are full of stylish jackets, windbreakers and raincoats. But the most popular and feminine object of outerwear for the autumn has always been and is a fashionable coat. Nevertheless, having bought such a stylish thing, you need to take care that the whole image was in the appropriate fashionable style. Therefore, one of the most important questions is what shoes to wear with a coat?

Fashionable shoes for women's coats

The classic and the most beautiful version of shoes for women's coats have always been high boots. Of course, you need to consider the style of the coat and, in accordance with it, choose a model of boots. It is better to wear a coat with leather boots, and a fitted or flared model can be well combined with suede shoes with heels. However, according to many stylists, today the boot option is also excellent for a short coat style.

If you chose a short model of a coat of free cut or a length of midi, then the most optimal version of the shoes will be stylish botilony. This combination was in the trend always, and sometimes even surpassed the classic ensemble of coats with boots. In this bundle there is another undoubted plus - in this case, fit ankle boots of any model. With equal success it is possible to wear both a style on a hairpin, and a flat sole, like an ankle covering the top, and an open model. Here, as they say, it's a matter of everyone's taste. In any case, you will look stylish.

Under the classic model of a maxi-long coat, shoes such as pumps are best suited. Firstly, this combination does not require special care, that the feet will freeze, because a long coat covers the legs well, and models to the shank today are popular to wear with jeans or trousers. Secondly, in this case the classical style is perfectly maintained. Of course, this option is more suitable for older women. However, according to many fashion designers, with a sufficiently large desire, any fashionista, regardless of age, can afford to create such a serious image, and at the same time look good.