Bathroom design

The bathroom is a place in the house without a visit which can not do a day, so its design should not pursue purely aesthetic goals. At the same time, one should not forget about the visual impression, especially since it is our water procedures that begin our day. What kind of design solutions can be applied to this room?

First of all - get rid of excess

In most apartments the bathroom can not boast of a large footage. Therefore, modern design of the bathroom assumes the most thoughtful use of useful space. This means that the bathroom should be removed all unnecessary. Think about whether it is necessary to store in this room household chemicals, brooms and buckets, combs, hair dryer, dirty laundry.

Getting rid of things that are not directly related to the appointment of a bathroom, it is worth considering the planning of what is really needed. What will remain in the bathroom?

In addition to the bath, most likely, this, at least, will be a mirror and shelves. And, as for the latter, it is better to place them vertically - this will "lift" the ceiling. Mirror is important to maintain a clean and radiant - it makes a big contribution to the question of the perception of the bathroom as a whole.

Do I have to leave a sink in the bathroom? Many solve this issue in favor of room in the room, without seeing a big trouble in transferring the functions of the sink to the bath. If you do not want to say goodbye to this habitual attribute of the bathroom, then perhaps the actual idea for you will be placing under the sink of a washing machine - this, of course, also preserves the useful footage.

The corner bath will help you to save space. Given that often in the bathroom there is also a toilet, some go to the courage of design even further: the space is "unloaded" with the help of a hanging toilet.

But this is not the limit. There is a design of the bathroom without the bath itself.

Before calling this bathroom design an exhaustive search, it is worth remembering the shower room and thinking about the advantages that are associated with such a choice.

First of all, replacing the bath with a shower booth will save you at least seventy centimeters in length. If you make this cubicle transparent and keep its walls clean, it will seem quite light and weightless. And in the event that parting with the possibility of something more than just a shower, there is no desire, in the lower part of the shower there can be a sitting bath.

Color and pattern

The design of the bathroom includes a well thought out design of the walls with tiles. Delicate shades of peach, terracotta and cream-white tones not only relax, but also visually increase the bright space of the room. Bathroom tiles can not only differ in color, but also mimic various materials; a game with color and texture will liven up the space of the bathroom.

In addition to the tiles, the walls of the bathroom can also be trimmed with mosaic. She not only is not afraid of unevennesses and disguises them, but also allows fuller self-expression of the bathroom designer. Think about, for example, how successfully the mosaic is able to convey the texture of the sea waves.

Even with the choice in favor of one particular shade in the bathroom interior, do not forget about color prints. Curtains, edge shelves, streaks on the tile and other design elements can be very aesthetic, if there are tones, complementary to the main.

Immersed in the thought of color, it is worth considering that when you visit the bathroom it is important for you personally - relaxation and pacification or a charge of vivacity. If you made a choice in favor of the second - do not be afraid of bright colors and their combinations.