Interesting facts about fashion

From time immemorial fashion influences our life, each time bringing something new and unusual. We admire her and try to follow her! Fashion has left behind a huge and rich heritage from which styles, directions and specific features were formed. Remembering interesting facts from the history of fashion is sometimes very exciting and useful. So let's get started.

Interesting facts from the world of fashion

  1. Many people consider the style " vintage " and "retro" to be the same. But this is a huge mistake! Vintage things - this is a wardrobe items from the period from the 20's to the 60's, and everything that was later correctly called "retro."
  2. And do you know that if it had not been for Napoleon Bonaparte, then maybe there would not have been buttons on our clothes? Since it was he who introduced them into use, only to rid his soldiers of an importunate habit of wiping his nose with his sleeves.
  3. The bra was invented by the French physician Ghosh Saro, who simply cut the corset in half. But here is patented such an invention of secular American Mary Phelps. With the help of tape, she connected two handkerchiefs.
  4. Do not believe it, but the popular panties "tango" first appeared in the 30s in New York. It was in them that the local dancers showed their skills. But by order of the measure they were banned.

Stunning facts about fashion

  1. In ancient Japan, women slept on bags of buckwheat, and all in order to keep complex designs of hair on the head.
  2. A shaved female head is a symbol of beauty in women of Egypt in 1500 BC.
  3. Women of England in the eighteenth century wore incredibly complex wigs made from stuffed birds, plates with fruits and models of sea-going ships. Such designs were not removed for several months.

As you can see much of what was previously considered fashionable, today it causes surprise and sometimes even disgust. It is interesting that in a few centuries they will talk about the current fashion? We hope that it will remain a bright spot in history!