Hipsters - clothes

Hipsters - one of the most discussed youth subcultures of our time. Few people remain indifferent to them: hipsters either love or can not stand. In this article, we'll talk about how to dress hipsters, and try to trace the characteristics of the style of hipsters.

Hipster - style of clothes

Characteristic features of the style of hipsters are deliberate negligence, free style and ostentatious indifference to one's own appearance. In this case, in fact, time is spent on creating images and thinking over every detail of the outfit.

It is important to choose the right accessories: glasses, belt, bag, hat or hat. Very often hipsters wear glasses: with dark or transparent lenses. Popular bright frames and glasses with different decor or with an unusual form of glass - triangular, square, trapezoidal.

The hairstyles of girls are either complicated and intricate, or deliberately careless. Guys often wear beards or mustaches.

Hipsters-girls - clothes

To look like a hipster, you should follow a few simple rules and wear typical clothing for hipsters:

  1. Vintage things. Old dresses and shirts, worn pants, sneakers and coarse shoes - all this is not necessary to buy in elite boutiques. Most hipsters do not hesitate to dress in second-hand.
  2. Narrow pants, skinny jeans, leggings. Narrow pants of different colors are the most recognizable clothes of hipsters. However, the most popular colors for hipsters are black.
  3. T-shirts with funny prints and inscriptions. You can choose an already ready T-shirt or order its production on an individual sketch. Most often hipsters wear T-shirts with images directly or indirectly associated with the pop culture of the 90s: frames from sitcoms, cartoons or video games of that time.
  4. Bright belts. Belts can stand out not only in color, but also in the original decoration - rhinestones, thorns, rivets, fringe or appliqu├ęs - anything that you like is suitable.
  5. Keds. It is best to choose cult Dr. Martens or Converse. However, if the opportunity to buy branded sneakers is not, fit any.

A few examples of how to dress hipsters, girls, you can see in our gallery.