Sugar Mastic with own hands - recipe

Home cake, decorated with sugar mastic, turns into a real culinary masterpiece. Such beauty is happy not only children, but also adults. A little free time and patience - and your festive table will decorate a unique dessert. And our recipes will help you with this.

Sugar mastic with his own hands of gelatin and powdered sugar - a recipe



The necessary amount of gelatin is filled with water, mixed and left for one hour. During the soaking, mix the mixture periodically. If the gelatin is of good quality, then after a certain time we will get a thick gruel. Otherwise, we try to correct the situation by adding another portion of gelatin, mixing and leaving for one hour.

Next, a container with a thick gelatinous mass is placed on a water bath and heated, stirring, until the gelatin is completely dissolved, but not boiled. Then remove the mixture from the fire, add vanilla, lemon juice and mix.

When proceeding to the next stage, we must sift the powdered sugar, but only then add a little to the gelatin mixture and mix it. First, we do this with a spoon, and then, when the mass becomes too thick, we knead the mastic with our hands. We add powder and mesem until the mass begins to hold well and stops "swimming". After that we knead a couple of minutes to achieve an ideal homogeneity, and then proceed to the formation of the desired patterns and figures. We do this quickly, since the mastic quickly becomes cold and becomes unplastic.

If there is a need to get mastic of a different color, pinch the necessary amount of it from the total coma, add the food color and mix until smooth color is obtained.

Sugar mastic from condensed milk and powdered sugar at home



We sift the powdered sugar and mix with a half cup of dried milk. Add the lemon juice, the condensed milk and mix it first with a spoon, and then with your hands. We pour dry milk and mix it until the mass stops sticking to the hands. At the end of the batch, for more elasticity, add a few drops of glycerin. You can just smear their hands and mix them.

This mastic is perfect for forming figures and covering cakes and it can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, wrapped in a food film.