Spices for shish kebab

The final result of cooking shish kebab, its sharpness and juiciness, depends more on the marinade for shish kebab and sauce. Meat can be marinated in water, wine, cognac, kefir, mayonnaise or lemon juice. But literally in each of the recipes use a bow. It is generally believed that the more onions, the better, the more rich and tastier the shish kebab will be. Usually the onions are laid in a one-to-one ratio with meat. It is cut into large rings and put on the skewer.

Mixture of spices for shish kebab

There is a huge amount of spices for shish kebab. Any spices or sauces should be chosen depending on what kind of meat for shish kebab you will cook. If you take lamb, then ginger, cloves and rosemary are best for this shish kebab. They will not only enrich the taste of the shish kebab, but will also make less noticeable the unusual smell and flavor of mutton. If you use veal and pork for shish kebab, spices, coriander and ginger are suitable as spices. They are added to the true, real, "right" Caucasian shish kebab. Chicken and duck are best combined with tarragon, and goose with caraway seeds, nutmeg and thyme. If you cook fish, be sure to put the greens, ground coriander and sweet pepper.

There is no one, a universal set of spices, suitable for every occasion, but there are certain that you can put in any of the kebabs. Among them can be called mustard, basil, laurel onion, anise and Italian herbs. You can use dried herbs for marinade. A thread of a shish kebab taste can have different types of sauces. The number of their recipes is so great as the number of recipes for shish kebab. You can cook garlic sauce, and tomato, and satsebeli, and tartar, and some other that you will like.

Often, the composition of the seasoning for shish kebab includes spices, the smell of which can be called saturated. First, there are different types of peppers, dried herbs, horseradish, mustard, coriander, celery, marjoram, basil, thyme. Recommend a little frying a mixture of spices for kebab for more fragrant smell. When they begin to intensify their smell, they need to be removed from the fire and cooled, and then chopped in a coffee grinder.

Today you can buy a wide variety of spices, and it's quite convenient, because you do not need to take care of the right proportions of ingredients. But, over time, they lose their original taste, so it is recommended to buy seasonings in sealed packages or grind them directly before adding to the shish kebab.

Seasonings not only improve the flavor and taste of the dish, but also contribute to digestive processes and increase appetite.